MS Security Essentials as a worst Virus

  ms-essential-virus 07:58 20 Oct 2013


I am tyring to download win8.1 pro but it asks to delete ms essentials, which can not be deleted at control panel. When you click it to delete it, you get an error message like this: 'You don't have to install ms essentials.'

I have gone to program files but I can not find any file in the name of MS Essentials to delete it.

Apparently MS Support has a solution but it is corrupted. When you use it, it finds a list with all programs except MS Essentials. For that you have to select 'not listed', after which you are asked to insert product code and ms essentials doesn't have product code.

The list also includes 'error messages', which I selected but didn't work.

Please help.

  ms-essential-virus 08:52 20 Oct 2013

I have win8 but not ms defender. Just yesterday I discovered about it when I was googling to find a solution.

  ms-essential-virus 07:45 21 Oct 2013

Thanks Jock1e.

I tried as an administrator but didn't work.

It is not a trojan. Before I had win7 with ms security essentials. When I got win8, I downloaded MS Security Essentials. I didn't know it was not compatible but installed and worked all right. But I noticed it was protecting the computer. Many times I got virus-like programs, it didn't remove them or detect them. I had to use other means to clean the computer.

Apparently MS doesn't have a solution. The only solution they have is to reload win8. This was their response for a similar problem on Nov 2012.

  ms-essential-virus 09:12 21 Oct 2013

The solution is at the link bellow. It was very simple. you delete mss client. that is all to it. But MS didn't mention that. They adviced that the only solution is to reload win8.

click here

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