MS Office 2000 Incompatible

  jimforrest 01:07 26 Aug 2012

I have a new laptop running Win7 Home Premium. I also have another (older) laptop running the same. The problem is that although both are 64bit, the older one loaded and runs Office 2000 quite happily, but the newer one says it's incompatible! I have looked at all the compatibility stuff online and can't find an answer to two questions - 1, Why does one comp run it and not the other? and 2. How can I make it compatible? Any ideas?

  Forum Editor 08:33 26 Aug 2012

Has your new laptop got a preinstalled trial version of Office 2007? If it has, I suggest that you uninstall it. Once you do that you may find that Office 2000 will run.

Microsoft support for Office 2000 ceased in 2009, since when there have been no security updates or fixes. Officially Office 2000 is listed as being incompatible with the 64bit version of Windows 7.

  jimforrest 21:53 26 Aug 2012

Yes Ed - it has a skeletal version of Office 2010 with no bells or whistles BUT it has adverts! Now, I might be forced to use it until I save up for a full version (which will be more than I paid for the laptop), so is there some way I can 'hide' it? I have run it once so it might now be embedded and removal may be the only way. Further searching on the 'net has revealed that if I have Win7 Ultimate (which I don't) I can download an XP compatibility package which should run Word 2000. Upgrading to Ultimate costs £120! Shafted or what?

  howard64 12:37 27 Aug 2012

I have w7 64bit and Office 2000 runs perfectly on it. I would take the previous sugestion and having done a restore point uninstall the trial version of office 10. Reboot and try installing office 2000 again. If this does not work then using add/remove progs delete the office 2000 stuff and reboot. Now type compatibility mode into the start strip and browse to office 2000 if not shown click on prog not shown and navigate to your cd drive and follow the instructions to install it as an xp sp2 prog.

  jimforrest 16:44 27 Aug 2012

Well done chaps - sorted (after a bit of fiddling about!)

  Aime 10:07 30 Aug 2012

There are things that will help you online to manage certain things to be compatible with the other laptop.

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