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ms account password s mode

  awest3 15:07 08 Feb 2019

I seem to have got into a bit of a loop whilst trying to sort an elderly relatives laptop. He forgot his start up password which I've been able to fix. However the laptop is stuck in S mode and without his MS account password, he can't remember it, It seems it cant be turned off. It has to be turned off if you want to add an app other than from the MS app store. I've tried all the reset password type stuff, its not his phone number that's logged with MS. I've used my email id to get a code but that comes back with loads of questions which neither he or I can answer. I've tried logging onto the given website to reset it but again it comes back with loads of questions most of which I can answer except the last one which asks for the previous email addresses sent/received. He's never sent or received an email so it falls down at that point. I've tried to edit the registry but this is also blocked.. Any suggestions gratefully received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 08 Feb 2019

boot from a linux distro to retrieve any docs photos files etc. then reset the laptop and start again.

  awest3 14:06 09 Feb 2019

Hi, Thanks for this. I found a way around it, after much deliberation. I signed out of the me account, set up a new email account and then a new MS account. Once signed in I was able to 'get' and run the app (from MS store)which turns off S mode.

Thanks again

  awest3 11:01 10 Feb 2019

Thanks for this, Its not a problem I have, but a good piece of knowledge to go in my book.

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