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  pcdimwit 21:25 21 Jan 2010

Thanks for that advise, done the malware check on another computer I am using and it found 1 infected file!!! I think it was a photo in my USB stick, but the Cc programme (filehippo) that tidies up the registry isnt really free, I loaded it and ran it and it came up with an INCREDIBLE 1116 "errors" it says the PC is "sick" and needs to be cleaned up so it will run properly BUT you only get 25 FREE error corrections and then you are prompted to buy the registration code, obviously i am not going to do this, I think there MUST be a way to clean up the registry and free up more space?? I do a defrag every few months and the "disk clean up" on the C and D drives regularly. Do you think this Cc programme is a bit of a con?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  tullie 22:57 21 Jan 2010

You should stick to your original thread,so that we all know what you are talking about.If the program you are refering to is CCleaner,the one you are refering to is not.CCleaner is free,try thisclick here

  tullie 23:00 21 Jan 2010

The link is on the right if you are confused.

  pcdimwit 09:31 22 Jan 2010

Sorry about that I think I opened an entirely new thread instead of using this reply box, Thanks for that about theCCleaner link, YES, youre right the link on the RIGHT of the page is the right one, just done it on the computer I am not using and its done it all in about 45 seconds, I must have opened the download for the "purchase" version of the programme on the left, then it came up with the AMAZING 11,116 errors only 25 of which are free to be "erased". I will save this URL and use it with my other laptop that is running slow and giving that wobbly slow "windows" opening melody and taking AGES to boot up when I get back to it. Thanks alot - I am a PCDIMWIT arent I???

  Sea Urchin 12:42 22 Jan 2010

No - don't save it to your other laptop - it's designed to flag up loads of imaginary errors so you'll be frightened into buying it. Stick with CCleaner.

  pcdimwit 15:01 22 Jan 2010

I dont know what has happened since I ran that CC prgramme, I cant get the programmes to appear on my home page, I can only open them via the start button, and I keep getting a window coming up from "personal security" (it looks like a windows own programme and there is a little "shield" icon in the utilities tray below which I havent seen before) it brings up a window saying its the "personal security - unregistered version" but how do I get rid of this and how do I get the programme icons to all re-appear on my home page!!! I wish I had never done anything with this CC programme!! I think its all a con these programmes because there is NO WAY all these purported virus's could have got in with the normal AVG virus scanner and provider's own firewalls etc.,

  Sea Urchin 15:25 22 Jan 2010

Your system is very badly infected - but it is infected by Personal Security which is a rogue program. You don't have all those viruses - but the program itself is a virus. You didn't use CCleaner - you downloaded the wrong program. CCleaner is an excellent program.

Go to the link below, and scroll down to where it says

"Automated Removal Instructions for Personal Security using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:"

Print out these instructions as you will need to follow them very closely. It involves using Malwarebytes again, but download it again as instructed, and don't use the copy you already have.

Good luck.

click here

  Sea Urchin 15:26 22 Jan 2010

And just take it slowly - don't panic.

  pcdimwit 16:33 22 Jan 2010

Got it printed out OK and it does look at bit complicated for a PCDIMWIT like me, I have unplugged my Acer and got it ready for a friend (who is a true computer wizard!!) to have a look at it, my question is, as the "Personal Security" programme is a virus in itself, will it have infected lots of other programmes and files in the Acer laptop even after the "personal security" programme has been removed?? I dont know how this programme can have been downloaded in the first place, I did make the mistake of using the left hand side of the CC programme instead of the free download on the right hand side but I dont think I did anything else. I still have the malwarebytes' programme in the Acer, I am not getting ANY icons at all on the homepage I can only open the start menu at bottom left and that only brings up the main programmes, in fact it wont connect to the internet, I am using a wifi connection here so its probably just as well I cant log onto internet in case it causes more damage!! I'm gonna keep this "hard copy print" of these instructions in case this happens again!!! will let you know how my computer wizard gets on with this, I know I should graps the nettle and do it myself but I am too scared of making a bigger mess than there is already!!!

  Sea Urchin 16:44 22 Jan 2010

Following the instructions step-by-step should remove all traces of the virus - hopefully. As to how you downloaded it - it could have come from any website that you visited - and these days many reputable sites have been hacked into and infected.

It can happen to anyone.

  pcdimwit 17:46 22 Jan 2010

the problem is that I cant get on the internet now with that Acer that is infected with "personal Security" rogue programme, so I will have to take it to the friend who can hopefully load the programmes necessary to a USB stick and then start the process, I guess I COULD manage this, but its been such a shock!!! I'm gonna have to be really really careful when I get back to UK and start to do malware and CC programme downloads to the "other" acer over there. I have broadband with TalkTalk on that one and it suddenly started just running quite slowly and taking ages to boot up, one particule site wont let me log out at all, just "locks" and I have to log off entirely to "exit" the problem., which is why I started asking for help for that problem and now I've ended up with this one (hoefully my Acer here will soom be OK) thanks SeaUrchin!!!

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