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  littlestan 13:30 25 Feb 2008

Hi - I downloaded Realplayer via the BBC website as I did not have it on my new laptop and needed to use the 'listen again' facility. All went on well. However, I now seem to have attached a version of Moxilla! I download very little and this appeared after the Realplayer was put on . My laptop is on only 3 months old and i have downloaded the free AVG version and it has Windows Vista pre-loaded allsort.

However, my problem is, is that recently, when switching on the laptop and it is at the very beginning of booting up - PING - it shuts down - then opens up and asks me to reboot again. I have followed the instructions onscreen to do a search of the problem (which took ages) and it gave me a possible proble of perhaps a recent programme might causing it and to reset to an earlier time when everything was hunky dory. I dont really want to do that as apart from this odd shut down when switching it on - its ok.

It doesn't happen everytime and I shut it down and it seems fine again thereafter.

I also have a message which is very irritating telling me to insert a CD in windows installer! That appeared from no-where and I just cannot get rid of it - again it seemed to follow on after this Realplayer download.

Anyone know if my Moxilla/Realplayer is perhaps not happy with the already pre-loaded software on the PC and/or AVG which I have on my system - and could this be causing this early shut down? Also how to rid my self of the annoying message?

Thanks VM

  brundle 19:10 25 Feb 2008

Remove Moxilla and RealPlayer, install RealPlayer Alternative click here. Less obtrusive than RealPlayer (which has had some bad press lately too click here)
and ideal for streaming content from the Beeb, without trying to take over your entire machine.

  aine 19:11 25 Feb 2008

Real player has been known to cause problems on vista. I suggest you uninstall it and see if the problem has left. You could try media player VLC

  littlestan 21:38 26 Feb 2008

Thanks Blundle - i have uninstalled Moxilla and Realplayer and reinstalled it via your link - works fine and does the job for the radio listening again features. No sign as yet of anything accompanying it! I will see if I shut down again - but hope not! However amazed at the BBC allowing this - if not encouraging users to download this site through their own website especially if there is a problem and it is seemingly sticking Moxilla on its tail. I'm not a techno geek and just trust such sites and assume they will be ok. Obviously too trusting - Appreciate your help and that of Aine too. Just worried i haven't uninstalled the complete lot of moxilla and realplayer (my original download) as your other link seems to suggest that they might still be lurking! Thanks again.

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