moving files in my is denied by my desktop

  Sebastian lozano 20:56 18 Dec 2016

When i try to move files or other things it says i don't have permission from DESKTOP-JD2**(username) any ideas in how to fix this? (windows 10)

  Archonar 23:00 18 Dec 2016

What files are you trying to move, and where are you trying to move them from / to. It could be that you're trying to move them around protected files which often requires administrative access.

  Sebastian lozano 00:54 19 Dec 2016

its a dll file that is not protected it says it requires permission from the DESKTOP to move

  Sebastian lozano 00:57 19 Dec 2016

never mind i found out it was avg anti virus who did not allow it

  wee eddie 01:50 19 Dec 2016

I seem to remember someone telling me that moving a .dll could disassociate it from the software to which it was linked, possibly making that software unusable

  Burn-it 16:07 19 Dec 2016

I would question whether dlls should be on the desktop in the first place??

  Burn-it 19:43 19 Dec 2016

I've just realised that DESKTOP might be the computer name.

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