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Move folders from C drive to D drive win 10

  tonyq 10:02 20 Oct 2015

Hi all, My son as just bought a Asus X555LA, Intel Core i7, 12GB RAM, 1.5TB Laptop Windows 10 (By means of upgrade) There are 2 drives on the hard drive that say OS(C:) 501gb free of 558gb and Data(D:) 821gb free of 822gb with the D drive showing the following. click here the contents of D drive. click here can you give me advice as to weather it is safe to move folders from the C drive to D drive in Win10 and safest way to do so, and what are the files already in D drive?. I thought there may have been some back to factory settings kept in there but that does not seem to be the case.

and Please

  chub_tor 11:36 20 Oct 2015

The clue is in the names of the drives C: is for the OS (Operating System) which in your case is Windows 10. All new programmes will be downloaded to the C: drive unless you specifically change it. The D: drive is used for data i.e. Documents, Pictures, Video, Music etc.

By splitting the hard drive into two partitions (you do actually have a single hard drive of 1.5Tb) you have the possibility to update, refresh etc the Operating System without making any changes on the drive containing the data. So if for any reason the OS crashes due to a bad update to Windows or one of the other programmes on the C: partition you can repair it, replace it without affecting any of your data.

Keep them separate, do not move the files on the C: Drive to the D: drive unless there are data files on there.

I am surprised that no partition is shown for restore to factory settings, but that may be hidden.

  john bunyan 11:48 20 Oct 2015

The C drive does seem very large: I would think that 250Gig is plenty. I have a smaller disc, and have moved some of the "Users" folders and e mail to my data drive, but I suggest reading up on this carefully before changing things.

  tonyq 12:20 20 Oct 2015

It is the "Users" folders" that I was thinking of moving from "C" to "D". I have been looking on the internet and it does not seem to be as safe or as easy to move the folders as in earlier Operating Systems . I thought may be someone on hear may have moved there Users folders and if they had problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:13 20 Oct 2015
  tonyq 15:57 20 Oct 2015

Thank you Fruit Bat, hopefully I have moved them from C to D drive via the drop down in your posting,then made a shortcut on the desktop. Will see how it goes.

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