Mouse Intrusions

  jimforrest 22:32 23 Dec 2011

I'm running Win7 on an Acer Aspire Laptop and getting ever more frustrated by the wretched window boxes that pop-up when the mouse curser goes across a page. Those nuisance boxes stop you looking at what's on the screen - and they don't always go away either! Is there any way I can turn them off please?

  lotvic 01:44 24 Dec 2011

"boxes that pop-up when the mouse curser goes across a page"

Do you mean the 'skimlink' adverts on a webpage/forum?

  jimforrest 11:50 24 Dec 2011

I don't know what they are called - but a good example is an Ebay page where photos and details pop-up if the curser passes over the title. Even the Menu Bar on this page does it (News, Reviews, How To ..... etc above).

  jimforrest 00:08 25 Dec 2011

It certainly isn't a wind-up Graphi. The menu bar was not a good example really. Go into Ebay and scroll down the items you've searched for. Because you are using the wheel to scroll the actual curser isn't used - but if it's in the wrong place all kinds of information boxes pop-up and obscure the list that you are trying to read. Even as you move the curser to click on an item, as it passes over a different item a box often pops up. I just find it annoying. If I want the details of something I'll click on it! Web pages also do the same. Certain words (obviously link) are scattered throughout the page (in blue), and you have to navigate round them to avoid their boxes popping up.

  lotvic 01:58 25 Dec 2011

sorry jimforrest, but that's normal and the same for everyone, though you can use AdBlockPlus (for Firefox) to cut down the skimlinks and some of the adverts.

  jimforrest 23:18 26 Dec 2011

Ok Lotvic - looks like I'll have to live with them.

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