Mouse is freezing and I cannot sort it?

  cjvaco53 21:08 11 Jan 2013

I am into day 3 of windows 8 (wishing I had never bought it now) and the mouse has frozen and I cannot do anything to unfreeze it? Any help would be really appreciated, Thank you!

  SillBill 21:35 11 Jan 2013

What kind of mouse, does it have a battery?

  cjvaco53 21:49 11 Jan 2013

Thanks SillBill, It is a laptop. I remember when I had a similar problem on my other laptop and someone suggested I remove the battery which I did and it did solve that problem. I have just done the same and it didn't solve the problem so it then dawned on me I had clicked the F5 button which usally refreshes the page but on Windows 8 it disables the mouse so I clicked the F5 again and it is working OK now! I am struggling with this system :( Thank you for your help!

  SillBill 21:50 11 Jan 2013

Glad you found the answer!

  rdave13 23:42 11 Jan 2013

Must be your keyboard drivers. I use the generic drivers for my keyboard and F5 does indeed refresh the page. Consult the laptop manufacturers as to why the keyboard driver does this. I suspect they are behind the times.

Nowt to do with 8 just tardiness with the laptop's manufacturers.

  cjvaco53 00:16 12 Jan 2013

Thanks rdave13, It is a brand new Toshiba laptop so I can't see it being the drivers. It does state the F5 is for disabling the mouse on the very small sheet of piece of paper with a little info on the Windows 8 and I mean a little. I can't find anything else on it as I can even find a manual to help me learn this system, I am not too keen on this system but will have persevere till I get it used to it, Thanks for your response!

  rdave13 00:54 12 Jan 2013

You've just answered your own question. Not the OS's fault but what Toshiba thinks is best for its customers. Win 8 is the best operating system in my humble opinion but it is just a pity well known manufacturing brands of laptops think they know better and tweak the OS for some strange reason.

You should have all the information on your laptop under something called Toshiba management, or similar, and the guide of how to use the laptop, recovery and everything else.

Next time buy a laptop with no OS installed and install whichever OS you wish.

  cjvaco53 01:36 12 Jan 2013

That's a great help, Thank you! I will have a look for the info on the laptop tomorrow and see if I can get moving on this system. So far its been a nightmare trying to get around it but I have succeeded with a few so I just need to stick at it and find that info, Cheers :)

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