More USB Woes

  EARLR 17:00 08 Nov 2008

While installing a USB 2 hub Vista decided to make it's USB ports usb 1.

Any ideas ?


  skidzy 18:21 08 Nov 2008

Then i would question your psu Earl ?

Goto Device Manager and expand the + sign next to universal serial bus controllers ,right click usb root hub/properties/power management and if the box (allow the computer to turn off this device is ticked,untick and ok.

Under the power tab;
What is the available power per port ?
You should be seeing something like 500mA per port.

  sunnystaines 20:55 08 Nov 2008

is your hub faulty and not the pc?

  EARLR 21:26 08 Nov 2008

I am getting a Bit confused by now (see post on memory sticks)I havent been able to sort that out ether. And they want us to buy WINDOWS 7. I dont thank so.

Will try your ideas tomorrow.


  EARLR 21:45 08 Nov 2008

I have several (6 or 7) devices running off 1 Usb port, Do I need a powered USB hub ?


  LinH 23:38 08 Nov 2008

You should get a powered hub, each usb port will then have 500mA per port available for device useage.

Running multiple devices from one usb port can be problematic, specially if you use a given number of devices at the same time, whereby the total amperage required by those devices exeeds, or in some cases approaches, the available 500mA per port.


  EARLR 10:54 09 Nov 2008

to all that responded;

Installing a powered hub seems to have corrected the

Thanks again

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