More reported Vista woes

  TOPCAT® 13:24 15 May 2007

This time it's problems with lockups and slowness while deleting, copying and moving files. Anyone having similar problems like this? TC.

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  Kate B 13:30 15 May 2007

Yes, I've noticed that it takes a very long time to delete and move stuff.

  TOPCAT® 14:18 15 May 2007

Kate, but I did sign up for Deb Shinder's newsletter at click here some time ago. The weekly email includes some very good tips for both XP and now Vista, some of which may be helpful to both OS users.

Sorry to hear you're one of the affected Vista users and hope MS soon come up with a proper fix. TC.

  Probabilitydrive 14:23 15 May 2007

I will be joining the 'Mala Vista Club' myself soon . Forgive, TOPCAT® but I hope this ties in with your thread (if not please ignore) but; how much of a problem is this slowness while deleting, copying and moving files? An annoyance to swat at or a real interference to the flow of things..

  TOPCAT® 14:48 15 May 2007

tasks but if it's fairly noticeable then it could be counter-productive in a busy office at times. I have read other comments too where there is a consensus that XP loads and performs in some areas much quicker than Vista. As I do point out, I cannot confirm this myself just yet.

With the amount of feedback Microsoft have received since Vista's launch I reckon it won't be that long before a service pack update comes along. TC.

  Probabilitydrive 14:53 15 May 2007

An SP 1 is scheduled towards the end of this year, as things stand and many potential buyers hold out till then. Your link states there are (partly ineffective) hot fixes available. Hope, some will address your woes. Thanks for letting me having my say in your thread.

  Why wont it work 17:51 15 May 2007

*Sigh*, it drives me insane how long it can take to moves/ delete files sometimes. It hasn't got any better in the time I have had vista either. I find that extracting and zipping takes particularly long; long enough that I am prepared to to use my XP pc to unzip it because it is so much quicker.

  superhoops 21:47 15 May 2007

I find it is more the inability to delete files the problem. Quite often it tells me i dont have permission to delete my files that I have created. I am the administrator, in fact the only user. Today it even refused to let me delete a start menu shortcut as I didnt have permission.

  ulrich 22:37 15 May 2007

At the end of the year. Not long to wait, but I think I will stick with XP. Then the new Win Vienna will be out.

  Jimmy14 01:13 16 May 2007

Does any of you have another small problem like I have? When I right click and extract a zipped folder it takes quite a while when on xp it does it straight away. Little longer than xp but nothing major.

  Forum Editor 08:10 16 May 2007

with file deletion, too. I'm sure there'll be a fix for it soon, but in the meantime I would class it as a minor irritant - certainly not something that's a major bar to workflow.

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