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Monitor Not Connecting via HDMI

  Guy Shahar 14:08 15 Mar 2020

I've just bought a new monitor (Benq EW2780q) and was planning to connect it via HDMI (it only has HDMI and display port and my PC doesn't have display port).

However, the HDMI cable doesn't seem to work from my computer (Chillblast, Windows 10) to the monitor. It says no device is detected. The problem is with my PC, as the HDMI from the PC doesn't seem to work with any monitor (I was using VGA with my previous monitor, but I'm sure I've used HDMI in the past), and the monitor does work via HDMI from my laptop.

Am I right in assuming that the HDMI port on my PC is dead and I should exchange the monitor for a different model (which would be sad), or is there some setting I need to set or some other obvious way to make the port work?

  wee eddie 14:38 15 Mar 2020

Silly question: Does your PC have a Graphics Card?

If so have you plugged the Monitor into the correct socket?

or - Maybe

It was a failed Graphics Card that persuaded/caused you to get a new Monitor.

  Govan1x 23:11 15 Mar 2020

Have you opened the monitor settings and set it to start with HDMI

  wee eddie 07:02 16 Mar 2020

Try "Open in Safe Mode" with the Monitor attached to the MOBO

  Guy Shahar 14:43 17 Mar 2020

Thanks for the replies. I can't access the Monitor menu when there isn't anything connected (or recognised). But I do seem to have 2 HDMI sockets (I didn't see the other one as it's been obscured by a big cable right next to it), so I'll try that. I'm not sure which relates to a graphics card, but it will be interesting to see if the other one works.

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