Monitor copletely black after reboot

  Yassua 00:19 29 Nov 2016

Every time my computer has been running for more than a couple of hours and I turn it off, the monitor doesn't get any signal and hence stays as if the computer is still turned off. I can hear the windows log in sound but nothing on the screen what so ever. The things I have tried to fix this permanently are:

Reinstall drivers for my GPU (GTX 970 ASUS turbo OC)

Change the bootup order in the BIOS settings

Tried different cables in every monitor jack

Tried a different monitor

Reset the motherboard by removing the AC supply cable, spamming the start up button to remove current from capacitors and then plug it in again. Also removed the MB's battery.

Run all the windows reparation tools (my OS is windows 7)

Restored system to an earlier point

None of the above works AT ALL. What does work is completely removing the GPU and use my CPUs (i7-4790) built-in, shitty GPU. This makes everything start up perfectly, even after I plug the GTX GPU back in. I can also restart the computer with no problems what so ever. But as soon as the computer has been running for more than a couple of hours I'm back to square one, with a black screen of death.

How do I solve this permanently? Which part/software/firmware is malfunctioning? It is very frustrating.

Any help is much appreciated.

  wee eddie 09:41 29 Nov 2016

Reading your post suggests to me that the problem is with the Graphics Card, and the 2 hour time delay suggests a build up of heat.

If the Fan(s) and Radiator Fins are encased, take the covering off and make sure that there is a clear passage for air through the fins. This'll cost you nothing

  Yassua 10:25 29 Nov 2016

If that where the case, then the card should shut down mid game which is not the case. Now for example, I turned off my computer last night and the monitor is...surprise... black. The temperature in the card peaks at 80°C during heavy load. This suggests a malfunction in the start up BIOS somewhere but I'm not sure where. Also I don't want to remove anything from the card in case this ruins my warranty. Which is why I have not yet tried to reinstall BIOS for the GPU. Is there any chance that this is a software problem and not a firmware problem?

  wee eddie 10:39 29 Nov 2016

If the PC is still under warranty, why not get in touch with the Seller

  Yassua 11:36 29 Nov 2016

PC is not under warranty, gpu is. I gave it to the retailer today, and they will look for malfunctions. I was mostly curious if any of you have had a similar problem with an easy solution. Perhaps I am missing something obvious. Hence my post.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:01 29 Nov 2016

Remove refit and retry could just be a connection problem

  Yassua 23:28 29 Nov 2016

Sure it could be that, but I find it highly unlikely since everything worked fine for more than six months after I mounted it and the problems start showing just now. The guy at the retailer store looked very confused as well so I'm not even sure that it is the gpu. I just cant think of any other component that could cause the black start up screen. Do you have any ideas what else could be causing this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 30 Nov 2016

everything worked fine for more than six months after I mounted it and the problems start showing just now.

The boards can start to "creep" out of their slots due to the heating and cooling that goes on as the machines run and are switched off. simple reftiing can solve the problem.

You have tried different cables and different monitors therefore it can only be the card or motherboard.

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