Missing rar extracted file in temp folder

  Jason Chan 21:26 16 Mar 2017

Please bear with my long writing, So, i downloaded a zip file, click 'extract here' in the Downloads folder. The folder is extracted in it.

Inside the folder, there are part 1-30 .rar files. I enter the part 1 .rar file and then enter another folder inside the part 1 .rar file.

Here, I double clicked on an .exe file and open a game.

On the following days, i can only find the .exe file through C:-> Users -> USER -> AppData -> Local -> Temp -> Rar$Exa(some number).

I can play the game for about two days but today when i tried again to use the same path to open the game, i can't find the Rar$Exa folder as it is usually on top of the file list.

SO, i scroll down to find that there are actually several Rar$Exa file, each with different number at the end.

I don't know which one is the one i'm looking for so i enter each and find that the same .exe file exist in some of them, while it didn't exist on some.

I tried entering the game by double clicking the .exe file but nothing pops up(the game doesn't start). It is the SAME for the other Rar$Exa file.

THEN, i restart the pc, AFTER THAT, when i go through the same path, all the Rar$Exa DISAPPEARED! WHY!?

I don' suspect winrar deleting them automatically as i ticked 'never' in the option menu. SO WHY? and can i recover them again? I don't want to restart playing the game!! OR perhaps i use the wrong method to extract?

PLS HELP me!!! sorry if this was too long...

  pitersionneil 06:50 07 Apr 2017

You should try to get a help of Recuva software to get back your missing rar files, if it is deleted or corrupted. There are lots of other Windows data recovery software also available on the Web that can help you to fix your issues.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:13 07 Apr 2017

Spam from pitersionneil why pay for data recovery when there are free ones like RECuva available

Any you problem is that the rar files are another form of zip file ( you have a zip within a zip). They need to be extracted just like a zip file use something like winzip or peazip or 7zip to open then.

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