minimising ie and crome pages

  conrail 21:23 20 Nov 2012

just installed win 8, although spent the last few hours playing around with it the problem is how do I minimise chrome when it's open, I can grab a corner and shrink it but it opens on screen top to bottom on side of screen, I would like it out of the way, is there a way? please help

  conrail 10:05 21 Nov 2012

thanks Jock1e, the taskbar is on the right, I assume it's the taskbar, it has search; share; start; devices & settings on it, right clicking does not do anything, not can I drag it to the bottom, the settings option does not help. I have been looking here: also I used to enjoy a game of spider, solitaire or mahjong occasionally but they are not installed, win8 has not kept them from win7 settings, when I click on store it tells me I am not connected to the internet, which I must be otherwise I would not be posting this

  conrail 10:27 23 Nov 2012

thanks for your suggestions, sorry about delay in replying, win8 so slow, I mean really slow so googled uninstalling and found I needed to format so used recovery partition to get rid, back to win 7, much easier apart from chrome, see my new post here; again many thanks for all who helped, I know where I went wrong, I should have set it to double boot, never mind. I appreciate your time and advice.

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