Microsoft Windows, this application is not respond

  CWakes 13:37 20 Nov 2016

Hi, I'm really in need of some help.

I turned on my acer aspire v3-574 this morning which I beleive is running Windows 10. The problem is that there are no icons on the desktop or taskbar and there is a pop up message on the bottom left which says:

"Microsoft Windows

The application is not responding. The program may respond again if you wait.

Do you want to end the process?"

If I hover the mouse over the taskbar it just shows the loading symbol, I can't right click anywhere and whenever I press the windows key the message just shows again.

After pressing ctrl alt del, it takes about a minute for the screen to go black and a further minute to show this message:

"Failure to display security and shut-down options

The sign-in process couldn't display security and sign-in options when Ctrl + Alt + Delete was pressed. If Windows doesn't respond, press Escape or use the power switch to restart."

Escape did nothing, pressing power showed no options so I held down power and turned it off. I thought I'd wait ten minutes then I started it again. The same happened as before but this time I could see all my icons (still couldnt click them). Also, the time was frozen. Then the screen just turned black but I am able to move the cursor.

Does anyone know what is happening and what I should do? I would greatly appreciate the help.

  Govan1x 15:00 20 Nov 2016

Have you tried removing the battery and power cord and holding in the start button for 50 seconds to release any static.

Install the battery and charger again and see if it will start.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 20 Nov 2016

Power on then off again after 5 seconds

repeat three times

on fourth boot it should go into repair options where you can try a start up repair.

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