Microsoft updates stuck on pending (Windows 7)

  sannnesley 22:57 02 Feb 2016

I have a issue where several updates, 13 at last count, are stuck at pending and haven't successfully installed. This problem started on 18th December and the last pending update was 19th January. There have been updates over this period that have installed successfully while the next one or the one before could be stuck on pending.

I tried to get help on the Microsoft Community but we never got it resolved. To be honest after trying a few suggestions and them not working the support engineer stopped replying to any of my queries on the forum.

Microsoft Community Forum help page

The link above goes to the page where I originally posted the request for help and details the steps that were tried in an attempt to resolve the issue.

Can anyone on this forum help me get to the root of this problem and get it resolved as I am concerned that some of the pending updates could be security related and not having them installed is putting my PC at risk.

Any help appreciated

  Govan1x 08:48 03 Feb 2016

KB3035583 is for upgrade to W10 I believe so if you dont want windows 10 delete it if you can. or double click on it and a box should open underneath,just tick do not show this update again.

Have you tried running them manually and just running one at a time.

  sannnesley 09:36 03 Feb 2016

Thanks for your quick reply to my problem. I'm at work now so I'll give your suggestion a go when I get home and let you know the outcome

  sannnesley 21:31 03 Feb 2016

Can whoever poste with a possible solution this morning please repost. The original reply seems to have somehow dissapeared???

  sannnesley 22:57 03 Feb 2016

Following advice on another webpage I took ownership of the C:\Windows\winsxs folder and deleted files titled "pending.xml". I restarted the PC and the issue still seems to be present. :(

  robin_x 01:07 04 Feb 2016

You don't want to be on the View Updates Page.

Go to the Windows Update > Installed Updates link Click here

Then right-click and Uninstall

If it still won't install, Uninstall again and when it is next listed for Download and Install, right-click and Hide it.

  sannnesley 20:00 04 Feb 2016

The only problem is that the update is sitting at pending and hasn't been installed yet so I can't uninstall it.

  robin_x 20:16 04 Feb 2016

This was the only result that seemed useful (apart from reinstall Windows!)

Source: click here

  RV510 13:21 05 Feb 2016

I have had this problem. Try this, make sure you have set Windows updates to 'automatic', close all programmes and open your 'start' button, there should be an orange shield icon against 'shut down', this indicates that updates are waiting, click 'shut down' and the updates should then download normally.

  sannnesley 23:48 06 Feb 2016

Robin_x I take it the gist of your link is to download the pending updates manually and install them. Unfortunately I took advice from another webpage and ran MicrosoftEasyFix50202.msi in aggressive mode to try and fix the problem. All it seems to have achieved is clear the Update History list and the pending problem still exists.

Because it has done this I can no longer tell the names of the pending updates which are causing the restart prompts to occur. :(

RV510 I followed your advice but I got no orange shield against shutdown and the problem still exists.

It’s getting to the point that if I don’t get a solution soon which sorts the problem I’ll be looking towards re-installing Windows. I checked and I have no restore points to go back to :(

  robin_x 01:03 07 Feb 2016

My last link just pointed you at a few ideas, not personal suggestions.


Actually, if you have a W7 DVD or Flash Install media, a Repair Install (aka In-place Upgrade) is less painful than a Clean Install.

Run setup.exe from the DVD or Flash (don't boot from them)

Still lots of Windows Updates, even from SP1, but you don't lose files/folders, most settings or apps.

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