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  igk 14:49 21 Jan 2013

This usually updates about 2 times a day but the last time I manually updated was two days ago Saturday,I have tried several times today Monday and it says no updates,anyone else having this as this is very unusual.

  alanrwood 19:32 21 Jan 2013

Latest is 1.143.176.o dated 19/1/13

Jock1e. What if you have set Windows Updates to advise but not download updates. The update tab on MSE says that definitions are updated automatically but if it is done through Windows Updates set up as above then I'm not sure if it will work automatically. What is your take on this.

  igk 19:52 21 Jan 2013

Thanks for the interest on this,I always update manually about twice a day and usually things get updated although there does seem to be a longer gap for updates at weekends, and also it can come up for updates in the windows updates when checking this,I have tried two other pcs and they both will not update the last was available on Saturday as I said before,just tried again nothing there..

  alanrwood 21:39 21 Jan 2013

Now 143.3.383.0

These updates come from the USA and they are several hours behind us in Redmond on the West Coast

  igk 23:13 21 Jan 2013

At 9pm gmt today 21st It allowed me to update when it had finished I note that the definition file details had NOT changed even though it stated that it was downloading and then initialising the definition file details are: Definitions created on the 19/01/2013 at 20:10 Virus definition version 1.143.387.0 and the spyware definition version the same.It also tells me that the definitions have not been recently updated and I should update now to help protect your PC !!!! there must be a problem somewhere. At 10.30pm gmt I tried again and exactly the same thing happened as above with the same definition files !!!!!!

  igk 00:15 22 Jan 2013

Jock1e thanks for the info,I just updated again and it now has a different definition number but still says that it was created on the 19/01/2013 and needs to be updated !!! I will check out your link thanks a lot very helpfull...

  alanrwood 10:53 22 Jan 2013

Seems to be sorted this morning. Just updated manually and it shows 1.143.422.0, created 20th updated 22nd. I will monitor it during the day and see what happens

  igk 13:36 22 Jan 2013

All seems now to be working thanks to all....

  alanrwood 12:43 23 Jan 2013


Do you have Windows update parameters set tu update automatically. I don't as my laptop runs internet from a mobile internet dongle and I don't want it to download updates (especially the monthly Microsoft Updates Tuesday ones)because it would use up too much of the data allowance. I have left the computer to see if it updates MSE automatically and it has not done so up to now. It is still showing 1.143.422.0 and I know that there are later ones as I have just done a Windows reinstall on my netbook and MSE updated through MS Updates to 1.43.620.0.

As far as I can find out Windows update needs to be set to update and download automatically for the MSE to update automatically as well. It is a little ambiguous though as it does say that the definitions are updated automatically on the Update Tab of MSE.

Any clarification would be welcome as to how it is supposed to work.

I have a solution by using Scheduler to do the update but before setting that up just thought I would ask for clarification from others here.

  alanrwood 12:54 25 Jan 2013

Just an update. I can confirm that MSE does update automatically but it is not very efficient. It took over 2 days for the machine to do the update automatically and I know there were several in the intervening time.

I have now set up an update in Scheduler to do an update on boot so at least I will be up to date every time I use the laptop. This was really quite important as sometimes the laptop does not get used for several days at a time.

Only thing I now need to do is to find out how to run it minimised although the DOS box isn't on screen for more than a minute or so.

  alanrwood 12:59 25 Jan 2013

Just to update.

I can confirm that MSE does update automatically even if Windows Update is not set to download updates automatically. However it took over 2 days on my laptop above before it did so. This is not very satisfactory as a laptop might not get used for several days and if it takes another two days the definitions could be too old tom protect the laptop.

I have now set up an update schedule in Windows Scheduler so it updates at every boot.

Only problem now is to find out how to run it minimised from within scheduler but then again the DOS Box is only visible for around a minute so not a problem really

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