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Microsoft screws it up again.

  alanrwood 16:32 22 May 2019

MS screwed it up again.

I used the latest Media Creation Tool to create a USB memory stick to install V1903.

When I tried to use it on a spare computer the install was not allowed because an incompatible piece of hardware was attached to my computer. Guess what it was. Yes it was the 1903 memory stick I had just created. The explanation given by MS is that the install might change the drive letter of the USB attached device (the memory stick) and thus cause a problem. They also said they are working on a fix.

How crazy is it that the very same memory stick created by the Media Creation Tool now prevents the stick from being used to update to 1903.

To prove a point I have rerun the Media Creation Tool and selected to update the machine directly instead of creating install media and it is now at 85%. I will get back if there is any problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:16 22 May 2019


  Old Deuteronomy 17:16 22 May 2019

I'm sure this is due to reduced testing by way of cost cutting.

  x13 19:40 22 May 2019

Took 3 1/2 hours to update one of my laptops. SD card removed and have no issues thankfully. Two more updates available after the Feature update, KB4495620 (.NET) and KB4497932 (Flash Player).

  alanrwood 09:34 23 May 2019

Yes that may be the case but how many of the millions of users are likely to know about it. It seems that if you copy the entire contents of the memory stick to a folder on the C drive and execute from there the update works.

I still think it is very poor that MS issued this knowing fully about this problem. Not everyone follows MS information releases.

  rickf 09:40 23 May 2019

..After update Outlook took over my PC and everything froze. Never seen this happened before. Nothing works after that. I had to use system restore to get back to where I was, a perfectly working PC.

  john bunyan 20:52 23 May 2019

Not sure what the problem is. I just used the normal updates and apart from the double run mentioned earlier the updates are fine, taking 1/2 hour or so. Not sure why a memory stick is needed ?

  john bunyan 19:10 24 May 2019

I am sorry. I missed that you were talking about 1903 ! Is it being offered to those of us not in the development programme ? I’ll wait till it’s offered in view of the comments .

  x13 19:48 24 May 2019

It will be but none of my laptops have been offered it via Windows Update as I assume Microsoft needs to iron out the wrinkles. I just update via the Update Assistant without an external drive or SSD card connected with Sys Restore off. Strangely, though, have been running 1903 insider for a while without these particular issues!

  john bunyan 20:14 24 May 2019

I am running a new Macrium image whilst sill on latest 1809 version, as a precaution.

  Forum Editor 21:50 26 May 2019

"MS screwed it up again."

A little harsh perhaps, considering the amount of work the company gets right?

It's a very small glitch in the overall scheme of things.

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