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Microsoft Office Excel 2013 question

  Timothy33 22:59 15 Dec 2016

Can anyone provide some direction on how to repair/fix Excel file? When I try to open it I get: "File not loaded completely" I am using MS Excel 2013 Windows 8.1

Any help would be appreciated

  wee eddie 23:41 15 Dec 2016

First thing to try. Reboot your PC.

  mole44 04:43 16 Dec 2016

Try a reinstall and it might give you the option to repair it,failing that you could uninstall/reinstall it or use one of the many free alternatives,one assumes you still have the original discs.

  BRYNIT 07:17 16 Dec 2016

Have a read of Repair a corrupted workbook CLICK HERE

  Timothy33 17:47 16 Dec 2016

Rebooting PC was the first thing I did. also I have tried to reinstall Excel. The same result. I still getting this error.

  lotvic 18:21 16 Dec 2016

Is this a large Excel file? Usually that message is associated with there being too many lines in the excel file or not enough memory. However in Excel 2013 the limit is just over 1 million lines, so it might be that the file is so large your pc memory can't handle the large file and open all of it. Has the file previously opened ok on the pc?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:29 16 Dec 2016

Chaps, don't waste your time with this spammer going by the name of "Timothy". He asked the same question a month ago on another forum, was recommended that dreadful over-priced "Excel Fix Toolbox" program and then he thanked the poster for the recommendation.

This is clearly another nuisance question-and-answer spam thread :(

  lotvic 20:05 16 Dec 2016

Thanks SS.

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