Microsoft Office 2016 Outlook update kills images

  tallboy 22:50 25 Oct 2019

I run MS Office 2016 Outlook on a 64-bit Windows 10 system. Everything was running just fine until Microsoft imposed an update to Outlook earlier this week. Now I can't get any of the images associated with Outlook email messages! I have unticked the appropriate boxes under File / Options / Trust Center as indicated by MS to get my images back, but alas, still no images. Is there somewhere else that Microsoft sets as a default to 'kill' image in emails? If anyone knows how to restore 'normal' operation (i.e. see images) please respond. Thanks.

  x13 13:31 26 Oct 2019

Something changed the registry perhaps? as I found this article - click here .

  tallboy 17:41 26 Oct 2019

Thanks for the suggestion x13. I checked the appropriate section of the registry and the required DWORD was not present, so I added it and set the value to 1. Alas, this didn't fix the problem, so I still can't see images in Outlook 2016. Any further suggestions? p.s. Fortunately, I also run eM Client; no problems there!

  x13 18:45 26 Oct 2019

Try a simple reboot if you're using fast startup.

  tallboy 22:53 26 Oct 2019

Hi again x13. I tried a reboot after I changed the registry - but that didn't fix the problem!

  x13 23:13 26 Oct 2019

This 2017 article suggests moving the Temporary Internet Files folder. Link

The old Control panel - Internet Options - Under General tab - Browsing history - settings - then Move Folder. You could try your downloads folder.

  tallboy 16:33 27 Oct 2019

Thanks for the further post x13. I first created a new 'Temporary Internet Files' under Downloads and then went to the Control Panel to change the image location to the new folder. After a restart, Windows indicated it had created a new 'Temporary Internet Files' folder below my new folder. However, even when I started Outlook (still no images!) and looked for the folder (with Hidden Folders showing) the new Windows-created folder was not there and my new folder just said 'This Folder is Empty'. Presumably, that gives an indication of why there is a problem in showing images in Outlook - if Windows can't create a folder to store them in. If I click on the Red X in any Outlook message having images, the image displays in a web browser. Fortunately, eM Client still displays them. Any further ideas? Thanks for all the suggestions.

  x13 18:06 27 Oct 2019

Try opening Windows Powershell (admin) and run this command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth . Check it completes successfully then run the command sfc /scannow (remember the space or just copy and paste) . Once run then reboot and try again. Check to see if that helps and the temp folder should be back at C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache

Running out of suggestions except of an in-place upgrade/repair of Windows. Link . If you are going to try it then make a backup image first. I'd run the setp.exe from a downloaded .iso file personally. Make sure you select to keep files and apps obviously. Let us know how you get on.

  x13 18:10 27 Oct 2019

PS there was no need to create the temp folder manually as Windows would have done it automatically.You might have confused thing by doing so.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:26 28 Oct 2019

Everything was running just fine until Microsoft imposed an update to Outlook earlier this week.

In that case, uninstalling that update should fix things:

Head over to Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> Uninstall an update (little link, top-left). If you can't identify the specific update with 100% certainty then Google its KB number.

That won't prevent Windows from installing that update again at a later date but it may be more successful the second time around.

  tallboy 10:46 28 Oct 2019

Many thanks for your further post x13 & also your secret-squirrel. I did as you suggest x13 & ran DISM in an Elevated PowerScreen window, followed by sfc /scannow. Since these runs indicated that there were some errors, I decided to go back to the image I made on 13th September and update files from there, as I figured this would be quicker (if it solved the problem) than continually trying different fixes. It worked! I now have images displaying again with Outlook 2016 messages and have restored the Windows and application updates so that everything is up-to-date. Thanks again for your help / posts.

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