Microsoft (apparently) relent over IE8 problems

  GrumpyTrucker 09:05 28 Jul 2009

It's reported on another tech site today that Microsoft are now going to offer EU users a choice of browsers at install (whether physically on the disc or via Dynamic Update it doesn't make clear) since NO browser at all was not what the Commission wanted since that offered less choice, not more, to the consumer - and could cause confusion....COULD? There's the understatement of the year I feel.

Anyway, if links to external sites are allowed, click here

Can't vouch for the validity of the story, but a good move if true.

Personally I'll probably stick with IE, then try another one later (usually Safari to be honest)

  Pine Man 10:45 28 Jul 2009

Interesting article.

I suppose the 'ballot screen' referred to could also ask things like:-

Do you want our media player?
Do you want our DVD writing program?
Do you want our word processing program?
Do you want our spyware program?
Do you want our defrag program?
Do you want our Paint program?

The list could go on and on as a lot of the programs installed by Windows are also provided by independant companies. It just indicates what a crazy (european) world we live in!

  GrumpyTrucker 18:18 28 Jul 2009

You're not wrong. I'm waiting for the final stage in all this where the EU turn round and tell Microsoft that when anyone buys a Windows OS they have to provide an option for someone to install Linux, Google's rumoured OS or something else instead of the OS they've just paid for.

It baffles me how the EU can make a ruling like this and yet Apple can bundle anything they want with their OS and nothing's said.

I'm guessing the ballot screen will be more along the lines of:

Which Internet Browser do you want to install?

1) None (default)
2) Internet Explorer
3) Opera
4) Safari
5) Chrome

and the one selected will be downloaded and installed at that time. At least it should cause less confusion than the likes of my parents installing it and finding there's no browser and by then they can't get one.

Be interesting to see where it goes from here.

  a member 18:51 28 Jul 2009

Oh and whats wrong with Firefox, just kidding.
the whole antitrust case has been nothing but an amusing saga .its staggering ,the amount of time and money wasted arguing about the inclusion or not of IE 8 etc . when all a user has to do is install whatever browser they like and make that default .
we can even go as far as to create our own installation discs using vlite or 7lite ,and remove a number of offending microsoft programs .
so who cares.
at least if it comes with IE 8 included you can go online and browse for a different browser.


  GrumpyTrucker 21:08 28 Jul 2009

"Oh and whats wrong with Firefox, just kidding.

Yeah yeah OK.... (goes and shoots himself for being dense)

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