Microsoft activation key not recognised

  grandmat 13:53 25 Oct 2013

I purchased this laptop with genuine Microsoft Office 2010 startup. I have had no problems until this week. I was sent a office document which I could not open and had to enter the product key - which was then not recognised by microsoft. I have been round and round the microsoft "help" pages to no avail - I am now nearly bald!

Any ideas how to resolve this please?

  mole1944 14:29 25 Oct 2013

0800 018 8354 Microsoft activation

  lotvic 17:33 25 Oct 2013

Just in case there is confusion over the product key: The product activation key for microsoft office 2010 program is NOT the product key on the COA sticker on the bottom of laptop - that product key is for the reinstall of Operating System (Windows 7, or XP or Vista - whichever you have)

  grandmat 22:08 25 Oct 2013

Lotvic Thanks so much, this really has cleared up some of the confusion.

Could I ask 1 more question please.
Could I download and use Open Office instead of word and would that resolve any attachments in word that I receive and cannot open?

  alanrwood 11:48 26 Oct 2013

It should work fine. Nowadays Libre Office has replaced Open Office and is more developed than OpenOffice so I would suggest that

  lotvic 18:13 26 Oct 2013

Yep, I agree with alanrwood - Libre Office freebie click here

  grandmat 13:15 29 Oct 2013

Many thanks to all of you really knowledgeable people for your help and will do this - do I have to uninstal Microsoft Starter?

Also to-day I right clicked a word document and could only open it in Protected View - I have never come across this before. Is Microsoft "encouraging me" to purchase full Microsoft office???

  woodchip 14:13 29 Oct 2013

You may be able to get the Key from Regedit using the correct Software

this may find the key Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder

click here

  lotvic 14:42 29 Oct 2013

woodchip made me think again... perhaps you have the pre-installed Office 2010 Starter Edition and it was the Sept2013 update that broke it ClickHere

  grandmat 15:09 29 Oct 2013

YES this is it exactly!

So do I still download Libre and deleted microsoft stater??

  woodchip 15:25 31 Oct 2013

You could try doing a Restore to before the Problem, restore Dates are in Bold letters

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