Microsoft Account Essential to Use Win 10

  Newuser4165 09:19 21 Aug 2019

Is a MS account essentail to runWin10 or can you just use a Local Account

  wee eddie 17:22 21 Aug 2019

I have a number of email addresses, which I use for different classes of Contact. Two of them, Hotmail and MSN, are owned by Microsoft and I therefor have a Microsoft identity.

I find it difficult to understand those that have problems with it.

  wee eddie 17:30 21 Aug 2019

If you think that Microsoft might be leaky, well they may be, but so are many others. Just think of Yahoo and TalkTalk.

I was a dealer on the London Stock Exchange in the 60's and it was well known that the major Banks did not prosecute for fraud, because it might damage their reputation.

Don't try to persuade me that Big Business has changed. It hasn't. These things only ever come to light when an Outsider blows the gaff and they can't avoid it coming out

  lotvic 17:53 21 Aug 2019

I have several Hotmail email accounts, but have not associated any of them with a Windows 10 pc. This is my personal choice with no ulterior motives.

  Devil Fish 23:01 21 Aug 2019

Nope you can set up a local / personal account and with win 10 i would advise it. They want your info for adds and maybe more nefarious things.So i would not suggest logging in with an ms account unless you have read the Ts&Cs and are happy with them

  wee eddie 00:11 22 Aug 2019

Devil Fish: Over the years, I got my first "built-in" modem, from DABS in '95, and since then I have been a member of god knows how many Social Networks.

My information must be scattered far and wide, and several, maybe all, of those networks have been hacked at sometime. If someone has sufficient time on their hands they can have a bash at my overdraft, try to con me out of what little remains of my pension, whatever.

I consider that I take an, almost adequate, number of precautions but, if you want to enjoy your life on the Net, you will have to come to terms with the risks involved.

  Newuser4165 19:45 22 Aug 2019

Ive set up a local account to use in order to login to the pc.I'll ignore the warnings for the time being and see what happens.

  john bunyan 21:10 22 Aug 2019

Ok. If you only have , say, 125 or 250 Gig SSD , more than one account, if data is in both, takes quite a lot of space. Fine having 2 accounts but I would keep data on one. Many SSD laptops have quite limited space

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