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Microsoft Account Essential to Use Win 10

  Newuser4165 09:19 21 Aug 2019

Is a MS account essentail to runWin10 or can you just use a Local Account

  john bunyan 09:42 21 Aug 2019

A local administrator account is ok.

  john bunyan 09:45 21 Aug 2019

PS No absolute requirement for a MS account. If setting up a new PC they try hard to make you have an account so look into the procedure for that carefully before you switch on!

  lotvic 13:48 21 Aug 2019

Not necessary. One of my pcs has never had email on it or a Microsoft account. Said pc was windows 7 and free upgraded to Windows 10 and receives all updates. Both my pcs run on a local account and do not have a Microsoft account associated with them.

  Newuser4165 14:38 21 Aug 2019

Thanks to allfor the replies .I set up my new HP Win10 pc last week and it appears that MS may have weedled it's way in but not completely as MS keep saying that there is a problem with the account .Which method do you consider would be the best way to obliterate this annoying account - there is a builtin option to delete it but am uncertaion as to any other steps that might need to be taken. Thanks in advance.

  Newuser4165 14:39 21 Aug 2019

Sorry for the typos - new keyboard.

  wee eddie 14:54 21 Aug 2019

Just leave it untouched - It will be deleted by them, after a shorter period than before

  john bunyan 16:10 21 Aug 2019

Firstly copy any data such as word, pictures etc to the public folders, or to a usb HD or memory stick. Then create a local account following this:

create local account

Then copy the data from the public folder or from the media to the new account. Check all is working on the new local account ( ensure it is an administrator) . Finally use that to delete the original MS account- it will tell you all data will be lost - ok. Finally delete the data from the public folder.

I had to do this recently and found the above method, long winded as it is, worked fine. Good luck.

  Brian Hamilton 16:13 21 Aug 2019

As above, but there are some real benefits to linking a MS Account to your devices. Far to many to mention here. Unfortunately with the* luddite* view here it's not worth going into.

  john bunyan 16:28 21 Aug 2019

*Brian Hamilton *

Who are you calling a Luddite? I agree that an MS account is useful and have them on a couple of PC’s . However the OP may well have a good reason for not wanting one , and my answer was in answer to that.

  Brian Hamilton 16:51 21 Aug 2019

john bunyan

Not a personal slur. Just an observation from my short time visiting here.

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