Micosoft is offering free copies of Vista Ultimate

  Haze_9999 05:27 26 Mar 2007

Apparently if you subsribe to their Technet service you get access to Vista, Office and all of their other OS and security software.
Sound like a decent deal to me considering the price of these products seperatly. It probably wouldnt be of so much use if you werent working in IT but for those who are it could be worth checking out.
click here
Has anyone used the service before and if so how did you find it?

  Totally-braindead 20:22 26 Mar 2007

I notice its an australian website and it might be somewhat similar to Windows Marketplace, everything is fine till you try to pay for something and then you find out you have to be a US customer.
I'm not saying this is definatly the case but you might find you cannot join it.

  Totally-braindead 20:48 26 Mar 2007

I stand corrected.

I find it hard to believe that Microsoft would supply a full copy of Vista Ultimate to someone who signed up for this for this.

It mentions " In the subscriber-only Download Centre get unlimited access to full-version software licensed for evaluation purposes."

So if I read this correctly you can download evaluation software but I presume when your subscription runs out the software will as well.

  Haze_9999 02:16 16 Apr 2007

well, i've subscribed for a few weeks now and finding it well worth its value. Vista is a well run system, i recommend for everyone, although u may need a good video and alot of ram to run it though

  Totally-braindead 13:10 16 Apr 2007

Am I correct in saying that although you have downloaded your Vista if you do not continue to pay the subscription you can no longer use the software?
If so can I ask what the subscription works out at per annum?

  HappyTrucker 14:03 16 Apr 2007

T-B, well the UK version of the site is £234/year + 21% VAT since it's based in Ireland. Renewal is £167/year + VAT.

Can't help you re your first point though - £234 + VAT puts it out of my range

  ulrich 19:26 16 Apr 2007

I will stick to OEM, when I do take the plunge.

  Forum Editor 21:03 16 Apr 2007

For one thing you don't get "free" copies of Vista Ultimate, or anything else. You can download evaluation copies, and yes, they are without time limit, but......only as long as you continue to pay your annual subscription (currently £167, but likely to rise this summer), and you can't use the software in a production environment - it's strictly for evaluation and development use. Stop paying the subscription and your evaluation licence stops too.

That means that it's actually much cheaper for a home user to buy a retail copy of Vista if you work out the cost over a few years - if it was any different everyone would be doing it.

  Totally-braindead 22:15 16 Apr 2007

Thanks for clearing that up FE. I did think it was something like that. I had to ask because it did seem like it MIGHT be a good deal, but at £167 per year plus any increases its not such a good deal. Mind you, if you can download a few Microsoft products, such as Vista Ultimate and Microsoft Office and some others although pricey, over the short term it might not be that bad. I mean Vista Ultimate is £351 for the full edition and MS Office is £326 for the full version and those two alone equates to £677 which at the present subscription rate is just over 4 years. And in 4 years time we might have Vienna?

Prefer to buy the full thing though rather than being forced to pay a rather large subscription each year though.

  NETCHRIS 19:53 17 Apr 2007

I was hoping this was true until I realized it was just an evalution copy.

  Trademark 09:36 18 Apr 2007

We have it at work & it's not cheap, but you do get to play/try with software that is new or in beta stage of development. Some in the office think it's over rated as you have to keep up subscription to keep using the software.

But as i don't pay for it lets keep the software coming!

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