Memory test, lost signal to tv.

  Mathers 14:14 21 Feb 2019

Hello i have been running a memory test on my pc as my computer got quite loud and has slowed down, have dropped about 20-30 frames on some games and on task manager the disk keeps going up to 100%. Anyway while running this test on my two 16 gig ram sticks it seems to have lost the signal to my tv and I can’t get it back on the screen. The test is still running but I have no idea what’s going on or if it’s finished or still going. Will this sort itself out after the test or am I able to safely turn it off without damaging my pc. I am new to pc’s so don’t know much about them. Thanks

  wee eddie 15:12 21 Feb 2019

Just leave it on. Memory tests can take between 24 & 36 hours

  Mathers 16:54 21 Feb 2019

Ok thanks, any ideas how to get the signal back on my tv so I can see what’s going on?

  lotvic 21:17 21 Feb 2019

Is there any message displayed on tv that you are using as a monitor?

  wee eddie 22:37 21 Feb 2019

Have you got a normal Monitor that you can plug in. Just to check

  Mathers 22:37 21 Feb 2019

Yes it just says no signal and comes up with a a timer to when the tv will turn offf.

  wee eddie 23:01 21 Feb 2019

Are you using a Graphics Card or the, On-board Graphics?

  Mathers 01:26 22 Feb 2019

Yeah it’s a tv, it’s 4k if that makes any difference. Have connected to graphics card and tried from on board graphics but it just does the same.

  Mathers 01:28 22 Feb 2019

Don’t have another monitor but I have another tv that’s standard hd.

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