Memory errors

  Gav5 20:41 10 Jun 2008

I've just had the Blue Screen and the message 'pfn_list_corrupt' and i believe this is a memory related problem. I'm using Vista 64bit with 4Gb Ram, 4 identical PC6400 sticks.
I've set the voltage to 2.1v as suggested by the manufacturer but still get the occasional Blue Screen.
I was going to run a memory test but don't know where to start. I've downloaded Memtest86 but the install file won't run. Any suggestions gratefully received.

  mrwoowoo 20:45 10 Jun 2008

In control panel>administrative tools there is a memory diagnostics tool.

  Gav5 21:09 10 Jun 2008

Ran the diagnostics tool and it came back clean - no errors detected. Back to square one ! I read somewhere that there's a program which can test individual sticks, or is this the same thing as the diagnostics i've just ran ?

  mrwoowoo 23:01 10 Jun 2008

Although a pain,i can only suggest removing a pair of sticks and seeing if it's ok.If it is replace with the other two and work on a trial and error basis until you find the dud stick.
If all combinations work then your memory should be ok.

  brundle 23:13 10 Jun 2008

Driver error is a possibility too according to some; click here

click here
The second is not exactly `light reading` but is about memory problems in the context of corruption by faulty drivers...

  [email protected] 23:34 10 Jun 2008

i had a problem last year, vista mem test passed with all 4 ram sticks in, but when i tried it 1 by 1 the last (sods law) stick would lock up memory test halfway though the first run.
as mrwoowoo has said it's a pain but should identify a faulty module.

  Gav5 12:50 11 Jun 2008

Thanks guys,

I'll try the individual sticks on the diagnosis tool at the weekend and let you all know.

Thanks for the responses

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