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Memory crash( didnt happen before)

  Raul Sabau 12:07 23 Nov 2019

Hello fellas, I have a problem and I wonder if anyone could help me. So recently my motherboard got toasted and I replaced it with the same model(well I didn't replace it but an specialist did), anyway, I also bought a ssd and installed the windows on it but he told me that he did something with the fans and something else that i cannot remeber(for the purpose to not get my MB toasted again) The ideea is that before these changes my pc worked very well, GTA V was running on very-high( i have an GTX 1060 3GB) but now i get a memory error and after 5 seconds of playing gta it crashes, another example is that if I play Dota 2 for example and have 4-5 tabs on chrome the game or the browser crashes Can anyone help me? i want my pc to be as good as before.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:18 23 Nov 2019

If you cooked your board you may also have damaged the memory

have you run a memory test? click here

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