Media player keeps exiting full screen mode

  Bodestone 10:56 02 Mar 2009

I have Vista SP2 with WMP 11 and the latest upgrades.

I am trying to watch a series of videos back to back that are 350MB AVIs, Divx codec.

This is hooked up via DVI to my TV at 1280,720 resoluton.

In the last 10-15 seconds of every episode media player drops out of full screen mode and I cannot work out why. I have no other applications running, the screen saver is disabled and there does not appear to be anything coming from the system tray.

I have tried the Lock Full Screen option but that is overridden.

It is most vexing since the whole point of this system is as a multimedia system for watching stuff though so any ideas would be welcome. Cheers.

  Bodestone 10:57 02 Mar 2009

Opps, SP1 that is

  pcrec 07:54 05 Mar 2009

some time registry overwrite by some other program.
its not a big problem.
just reset your regidtry. it ll work very well

i have also face this problem 2 year ago.

click here

  Bodestone 08:57 05 Mar 2009

well this is pretty much a fresh install with almost nothing in the way of 3rd party software installed apart from Divx.

Which particular part of the registry do you advice resetting by the way, and to what?

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