Media Centre & Windows 8.1 pro

  rdlandco 14:38 14 Aug 2014

After a great many problems I now at last have windows media centre and windows 8.1 pro software installed. I cannot find any way of dropping recorded TV on to a DVD as the Burn facility no longer appears on Media Centre and the DVD ecorder on my Sony All in One does not seem to accept anything other than files. Can anyone help an 80 year old silver surfer please?

  rdlandco 20:28 14 Aug 2014

Thank you. I had expected what you say and wonder if you could suggest an external program which I could consider buying. It is so annoying to think that if I had decided to stay with Windows 7 I would still have the facility I am trying to get. I found it so useful before and having now spent £99 for the necessary upgrade to 8.1 and buying a dongle for another £60 to get Media Centre activated I find that I now have to spend even more money to get back what I had before, for free. Is it any wonder that everyone I know who has gone onto windows 8 regrets having done so. Microsoft have much to answer for and I am now considering going for Apple.

  rdave13 12:23 15 Aug 2014

Have a look at the free DVD Flick . Use the download link at the top, not the green one, that's an advert link. On installing use the custom install option so you can untick unwanted programs that are usually bundled with freebies. There's also a PDF guide you can download.

A you tube video guide . Worth a look.

  john bunyan 12:45 15 Aug 2014

I use TV recording on W7 Ultimate plus WMC. However with all the faffing about , if you can afford it, it is far easier to have a Freeview DVD recorder with hard drive and DVD burning. They have their own editing capability to remove adverts etc. I use on to send DVD's to a niece in Greece of some TV programmes. My two are a bit old now; one is a Pioneer, the other is a Panasonic

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