Managed to boot PC but nothing works

  Chris6003 10:05 21 Aug 2014

Hi and thank you for reading

  1. My PC is a Dell XPS 630i running 32 bit Windows Vista - click here Some years ago I installed an NVIDIA 450 card too without any issues

  2. For 3 months or so I occasionally received the following error message - Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer. This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an external USB. I ignored this as the machine was running fine

  3. The machine then began having problems booting up (taking a very long time) and displaying odd behaviour periodically – but for the most part was fine. The situation deteriorated quickly over a few weeks and the machine eventually failed to boot up. I tried booting from the Windows Disk I have but it would generally time out without booting in this instance. Then I disconnected one of my drives (D Drive) and the machine started OK

  4. I have been able to reattach the other drive and it continues to start up OK now

  5. However, once it is on it is pretty much useless; I can connect to my network but cannot connect to the net, drivers do not appear to be in place for most hardware maybe and worse of all it is very, very slow

I don’t care as much about saving the machine as much as I do retrieving my content on it. I bought a new external drive to move my files over but because the machine is so slow I am unable to. For instance it takes nearly an hour to move 1 song.

If anyone has any ideas I really want to hear about them please.

Thank you Chris

  lotvic 11:11 21 Aug 2014

Buy your new pc. Take out Drive on old Dell pc. attach via cable to usb on new pc. Browse to your files and copy to new pc. If necessary rightclick - properties, and take ownership of files (if you get Access Denied)

If possible on old pc make the files 'Public' so you will have easier access to them. ClickHere

use adapter Cable or caddy to attach Sata/IDE hard drive to usb port. Yours are probably Sata drives, have a look at the connection to make sure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 21 Aug 2014

Is my machine dead probably not, I would get your files off then reset it to factory condition. It will probably be all right then.

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