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Malware and 0x80070005 System Restore error

  Ron Eccles 16:43 02 Aug 2019

My computer has been infected by malware. I have run Malwarebytes and it has found 25 instances of it and has quarantined them and deleted them. However the infection has taken over all my documents and photos etc and even though Malwarebytes has done it's job, I cannot access them. I have tried System Restore in normal and safe mode, but I keep getting the 0x80070005 error stating that my system has not been restored because the problem may be my anti virus is switched on. I have turned them off and done a Restore again, but it still says the same. Any idea how I can retrieve all my documents and files etc? I am not very computer savvy, so in plain English if you can. Thanks.

  Ron Eccles 17:59 02 Aug 2019

Thanks for your reply. I run Superantispyware. I have just started Malwarebytes again before I read your reply, so I will keep trying it,

  wee eddie 18:12 02 Aug 2019

Firstly, you may need to run Malwarebytes several times, before you get rid of everything.

By the way, which AV are you are running?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:46 02 Aug 2019

However the infection has taken over all my documents and photos etc....

What's happened to your files exactly? Also let me know the version of Windows you're running, and if you can, the name of that pesky malware.

....Malwarebytes has done it's job...........

It almost certainly has so there's no point faffing around running Malwarebytes (or anything else) repeatedly. Unfortunately MBAM can't repair personal files and neither can System Restore.

Hopefully when you reply I can give you some practical advice to recover your valuable data.

  Ron Eccles 19:34 02 Aug 2019

I am on Windows 8.1 and running Superantispyware full lifetime. It says it stops adware, spyware and malware, but obviously it didn't. The infection goes under the name, or at least it has changed files to end in .adame

  wee eddie 20:00 02 Aug 2019

.adame is a Ransomware Virus according to Google.

Dealing with this is above my paygrade, I'll have to leave it to others

  Secret-Squirrel 20:24 02 Aug 2019

I am on Windows 8.1

I was hoping you are running Windows 7 and you could have used its "Previous Versions" feature to recover your data.

Unfortunately, ransomware-encrypted files can frequently be impossible to decrypt without paying the ransom :(

I'm so hoping you have a backup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 02 Aug 2019

Have a read click here don't bother downloading spyhunter malware bytes will have got rid of any infection that spyhunter could remove.

However your files are gone and even paying huge sums of money probably won't get them back.

  wee eddie 20:38 02 Aug 2019

SS: Ron has not mentioned a Ransom Note or what Anti Virus he was running.

I was just repeating what Google flagged up and there are many Tags, none of whom I know except Bleeping Computer, offering solutions or assistance. I can help no more.

Just reformat and reload your Backup

  ronec1 21:07 02 Aug 2019

Funnily enough I have not received a Ransom note and I would not have paid it anyway. Apparently he files will be gone for good until software is found that decrypts the files. I have back up of a lot, it is just some recent photos videos and files I have lost. Thank you all for trying anyway.

  wee eddie 23:25 02 Aug 2019

Just dump the Hard Drive and start again.

Save yourself a lot of time and trouble

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