Making more space on the C drive

  topcattim 21:16 05 Apr 2017

My four year old computer has a C partition and a D partition. The C drive is nearly full (149 GB used, 365 MB free). This means I often get warnings to clear more space, and tonight I can't download an iOS update for my iPhone. My D partition has loads of space, 180 GB used, 582 GB available.

I've used disk clean up but this makes very little difference. All my photos and music and other documents are stored on the D drive. Some of the C drive space seems to be taken by the Program Files folder (3.4 GB), Program Files x86 folder (6.4 GB) and the Windows folder (47 GB), but the majority of it is the User Files (80 GB), which is almost all my own user files (there is more than one account on the computer). In this folder, 8.5GB is music (even though I've set up Itunes to save media on the D drive). I can't work out what the rest is, even though I've set up to show hidden files. There is a negligible amount on the Desktop, pictures, documents etc (most documents are stored on the D drive).

Can anyone advise how I can either transfer the files from the C drive to the D drive, or how can I increase the size of my C drive.


  topcattim 21:25 05 Apr 2017

I should have said that I'm running Windows 10.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:42 05 Apr 2017

Move USers to D: click here new programs (apps to D: a swell instead of under program files by using custom install and browse to D: when installing.


  topcattim 20:13 06 Apr 2017

Thanks fruitbat. I'll admit to being a bit scared of following the steps there, in case of losing existing User accounts start menu and search facility as warned in method two (which is the one I'd need), but I think I'm going to have to pluck up the courage! thanks for the link.

  topcattim 10:35 08 May 2017

Just in case anybody else experiences the same problem as I had. I looked at following the advice that fruitbat posted, but it looked a bit too complicated for me (thanks for taking the time to try to help me, though, fruitbat). In the end, I downloaded a free piece of software MiniTool Partition Wizard, which did it all automatically for me. I had my heart in my mouth as it was running, but it seems fine and has been working just fine for the last few days. Phew.

  wee eddie 13:17 08 May 2017

Just a thought.

Your C Drive is less than half full. This should not be happening.

Run Malwarebytes and aby other ASnti Spyware software that you have

  topcattim 16:58 08 May 2017

Yeah, thanks Mr OLED I looked at that (the disk management software), but the option to extend the C partition was greyed out and I couldn't enable it. Thankfully the minitools programme did the job. And thankfully also wee eddie, there's no malware on there that malwarebytes can detect.

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