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Making bootable media on USB/DVD

  daz60 18:56 26 Apr 2016

Problem with W10 laptop so decided to install fresh new copy W7 onto it,downloaded appropiate installation media and windows 7 usb/dvd download tool.Following instructions find i am unable to burn media to make either dvd/usb bootable.Doing something wrong but no idea.The laptop i am using to burn media with is an HP with SSD {160gb} and 4gb ram running W7.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:06 26 Apr 2016


DVD what are you using to Burn the iso? click here the disk not booting or not even burning?

if not booting have you set DVD drive as first boot device in BIOS?


  daz60 21:58 27 Apr 2016

Fruit Bat,my W7 'burner' does not work,rejects all my NEW cd/dvds as unusable.The Microsoft tool i was using fails the process after reaching 99%,so cannot create a bootable disc {dvd} or usb so i can install W7 onto laptop.Attempted ImgBurn but my Comodo does not like,claims a virus,even after switching Comodo off would not work.

Think i will leave to professional.Thanks for your response.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:05 27 Apr 2016

Look at steps 3 and 4 click here see if you can get your burner to recognise blank DVDs CDs

if those don't work then possibly burn laser in drive us.


  BRYNIT 22:34 27 Apr 2016

Your HP laptop will not boot from a USB or DVD because you have Secure boot enabled in the bios. Have a read of CLICK HERE

  daz60 10:11 28 Apr 2016

Thanks guys,i am off this weekend so i can focus on the issue, work is getting in the way.

  joyiva 04:47 19 May 2016

You can burn the iso file to USB using the freeware ISO2Disc or Rufus.

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