Make Windows Photo Viewer Available

  wescliff 11:47 13 Nov 2018

I don't like the photo viewer in Windows 10, and have not been able to find a fast suitable alternative, so I want to go back to the old Windows Photo Viewer. A bit tricky when not working with a upgrade from earlier versions, but I have managed to make it available from the Open With command. But only by going through Open with\Choose another app\More Apps. Then I can see it. Choosing to always use this app doesn't work, so please does anyone know of a way to make it available from Default Apps. It is not one of the available options, and the only other choice is to chose from the store. Grateful for any advice.

  john bunyan 15:17 13 Nov 2018
  Laim Neeson 15:43 13 Nov 2018
  wescliff 16:22 13 Nov 2018

Is there now, I didn't know that. Would explain why a file type I added a while back with Index Services won't let me associate it. Thanks I'll see what happens when eventually get 1809.

  john bunyan 16:49 13 Nov 2018

I have an old paid for version of Photoshop as default. In the meantime some find very good.

You could set it as default whilst awaiting v1809 windows phones

  AroundAgain 18:50 13 Nov 2018


Windows Photo Viewer is actually still in Windows 10 but you need to take a few steps to have it working, and then to set as default :)

Go here Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 and follow the instructions.


  rdave13 23:17 13 Nov 2018

The way I did it was to download the offline installer. When Essentials asks what to install then untick all except Photo and Movie M. Link here . Both should show in the start list. In settings, apps, Default apps click on 'Photo viewer'. Wait a few seconds for the list to populate and select Photo Gallery.

Part list of my default apps,

  rdave13 10:42 14 Nov 2018

wescliff fluffed the link in my 23:17 post. link leads to wayback machine for download. Unsecured site but download ok.

  wescliff 10:53 14 Nov 2018

Tried this morning and the option to always use the app is working. Have changed jpg and tif and that's all I need. Thanks everyone.

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