Mail client wont send picture attachments.

  lewishughes44 21:12 05 Feb 2013

I'm using the Windows 8 Mail client with a Yahoo account however it wont allow me to send more than one picture attachment in a single e mail. If I try to send two or more picture attachments the message goes into Outbox, sits for a while, fails to send then goes into Drafts. The pictures are only about 1mb in size and I can send at least 4 in one email using my Ipad. Is there a setting that I need to change in my Windows 8 mail app or is the limit only one photo per email?

  chub_tor 12:45 06 Feb 2013

I have just checked with my Yahoo email account using Windows 8 Mail and I can send multiple pictures. Here is how I did it....

Open Mail, click on Yahoo account, Click on + to open a new mail box, add Title, write message, right mouse click on message pane and this will show attachments, hold down CTRL while left clicking on the various pictures that you want to attach. Click on Attach lower right and job done.

  lewishughes44 13:41 06 Feb 2013

Thanks for the response and advice. I have managed to get to the point of sending the email with the pictures attached but when I hit send, the email sits in the outbox before going into drafts and fails to send. At least I now know that this isn't how it should be happening and I must have to alter some setting. Any ideas?

  chub_tor 15:52 06 Feb 2013

All I can do is tell you my settings that work for me. Open Mail, go to Settings (I do this by going to the charms on the right hand side top corner) and click on Settings at the bottom, then click on Accounts, then Yahoo and you should see the settings for that account. Scroll down past Account name and Your name and I have Download new email every 30 minutes, Download email from last 2 weeks and Sync email is ticked. Below that I have Automatically download external images ON and Use an email signature is YES. The settings after email address, Password and email username are as follows...

Incoming Mail Server winmetro.imap.mail.yah port 993

Server requires SSL ticked

Outgoing mail server winmetro.smtp.mail.yah port 465

Server requires SSL ticked

Outgoing server requires authentication ticked

Use the same username and password to send and receive mails ticked

Show email notification for this account is OFF

Everything else below this is ticked

Hope that helps, I have checked that I can send several pictures via Yahoo Mail, it takes a little time to clear the Outbox if the pictures are big but they are definitely sent and do no end up in the Draft box.

  lewishughes44 17:16 06 Feb 2013

Thanks for your help and taking the time. My settings are the same so not sure what the issue is. You mention settings below the notifications option. I don't have any settings below there? Cheers

  chub_tor 17:36 06 Feb 2013

No sorry I don't have any settings below the email notification, all I have is Special Folders, Sent, Deleted and Junk all of which are blank.

All I can think of is that your pictures are very big (which would make them sit in the Sent box for quite a while while attempts are made to send them) and that you have hit a limit from Yahoo on the size of your attachments.

I did find this in Yahoo help Emails sent from Yahoo! Mail accounts cannot be more than 25 megabytes in size.

Perhaps that is your problem.

  lewishughes44 17:40 06 Feb 2013

Thanks for all your help with this. Maybe that is the issue. Cheers.

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