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  conrail 14:32 04 Sep 2012

using win 7 home premium sp1 64bit, been having a look at possible programs for granddaughter and came across a program called 'Easy bits for kids, magic desktop', after trying it I have decided I want rid, unfortunately the start menu option does not have an uninstall option, ccleaner and windows program & features does not show it, so after backing up my registry I deleted all references to it but it is still showing on my desktop and still works so deleting the desktop icon wont rid me of the program, I have tried reinstalling it but it tells me it is already installed and to use the program to repair or uninstall option but I have no idea on where that option is, the program is 109 Mb in size, 120 Mb disk size! with 4428 files in 882 folders, please help me get rid of this program, all help and advice appreciated

  difarn 15:23 04 Sep 2012

I hope that this article will help you to remove this. It appears that this programme scatters files everywhere on your PC.

  rdave13 19:04 04 Sep 2012

Won't the free version of revo remove it?

  conrail 20:07 04 Sep 2012

thanks difarn, that was very interesting, when I tried to download the link I received a site warning message but the program still installed, also thanks rdave13, have also installed revo free, problem is neither program shows either magic desktop or easy bits for kids so still can't find it anywhere to uninstall

  difarn 22:13 04 Sep 2012

I'm wondering whether this programme has disabled the "show hidden files and folders" and that is why they are not showing up.

start-control panel-appearance and personalization-folder options - click on view tab - under advanced settings click show hidden files,folders and drives - ok.

  conrail 21:48 05 Sep 2012

thanks for suggestion difarn but still not shown under windows programs & features or ccleaner

  john bunyan 22:03 05 Sep 2012

Is it too late to use a restore point prior to installing this programme?

  conrail 22:13 05 Sep 2012

good suggestion John, never thought of that, unfortunately cannot remember when I installed it, just going through the start menu and noticed it there, unfortunately its just there as a stand alone program and not as a file, just surprised its not showing in programs and features or ccleaner, or the other programs I tried as suggested by rdave13 and difarn

  john bunyan 22:40 05 Sep 2012

If you look at one of the relevant folders in Windows explorer, it should say when created.

  difarn 22:42 05 Sep 2012

This is proving to be quite puzzling.

I came across this article when browsing.

Is there anything there that you haven't tried?

  john bunyan 22:48 05 Sep 2012

If you look at the link below there may be an answer.- there is a removal tool. I would make a restore point first in case of more problems.

Remove easy bits

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