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Macrium Reflect can't find drive.

  hastelloy 10:55 24 Jul 2020

My wife's PC has 2 HDDs, C & D. They are physically separate drives not partitions. D shows up in File Explorer and Disc Manager but not in Macrium so I can't back it up.

Anybody any ideas please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:58 24 Jul 2020
  x13 13:38 24 Jul 2020

What happens when you click on 'image this disk' and click on the three dots to browse 'for folder'?

  hastelloy 14:14 24 Jul 2020

I think you've both misunderstood my problem.

I can see D: in File Explorer and Disc Management. I can't see it in Macrium and therefore can't click on 'image this disc' because it isn't shown.

  x13 18:01 24 Jul 2020

I've not come across this issue before. So a few guesses. Click on the view tab and select refresh. Still nothing then Control panel, programs & features, Macrium and select 'change'. That will reinstall/repair it if something is corrupted.

  hastelloy 10:32 25 Jul 2020

Thanks x13. I won't have time today but will try tomorrow and let you know.

  hastelloy 11:24 26 Jul 2020

Hi x13.

I tried your suggestions but, sadly, no change. So I uninstalled using Revo and then reinstalled. Still no change so I tried your suggestions on the newly installed version with no effect. This doesn't make sense does it?

  wee eddie 11:53 26 Jul 2020

How is the "D" Drive Formatted?

  x13 11:54 26 Jul 2020

This doesn't make sense does it?

No it doesn't. Check in disk management that the drive isn't off-line by any chance.

  john bunyan 13:23 26 Jul 2020

As a temporary expedient, assuming your OS and programmes are on the C drive and data is on the D drive I suggest using Macrium for system backups and something like Freefilesynch of SynchToy for the D drive. If you are backing up to an external HD you could partition it - one for Macrium and one for copies of data. I do this on a desktop as once you run Freefilesynch, which takes a long time, future backups are very quick as only changed folders or files run. This , in my view, for those who keep OS etc and data on separate partitions is a quicker and slightly better than Macrium. I use Macrium alone on my non partitioned laptop.

  hastelloy 13:42 26 Jul 2020

According to Disk Management it's Healthy(Active, Primary Partition) formatted NTFS.

JB that sounds like a good solution - I'm actually backing to to 2 separate external HDDs.

I'm still puzzled by its absence from Macrium though.

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