LoveFilm Instant on Windows 8 (Pro N)

  glawrence1986 04:47 04 Nov 2012

Hi all,

I've recently upgraded to Windows 8 Pro N, and have been trying to play LoveFilm Instant films with no luck. I've tried the following browsers: - Google Chrome using the 'New Windows 8 UI' - Google Chrome using the desktop environment - Internet Explorer 10

In order to try and fix the problem, I've also tried the following: - Check that Silverlight settings are correct (according to LoveFilm FAQs) - Re-install of Silverlight (Many times) - Running Silverlight/Browsers as administrators - Running Silverlight/Browsers in compatibility mode of Windows 7 - Refresh, and complete re-install of Windows 8

I've now reached out to LoveFilm, but am wondering if I'm the only one with this problem, or if there are any solutions that people know of.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  aquatarkus 08:59 04 Nov 2012

You have the N version of Windows 8. Windows Media Player is NOT installed with the N versions of Win8 you need to download and install a media player something like VLC media player would be ideal as it can play almost anything you throw at it

Regards Aquatarkus

  rdave13 10:25 04 Nov 2012

You can also download Windows Media Center for free. click here

  glawrence1986 10:45 04 Nov 2012

Hi. Thanks for your posts - I had installed Windows Media Player Yesterday anyway, but didn't realise it would change anything so didn't try LoveFilm again after (As Lovefilm streams using Silverlight through the browser).

I have tried again this morning just to check, and it does now work. Do you think it could be because I've installed Media Player then?

With regards to Windows Media Centre, something for another thread perhaps, but there is a problem adding it to some Windows Pro versions (Including mine). I have signed up for and been given a free key from Microsoft, but there is literally no option to 'adding new features' as their guide advises. Other threads I've read confirm this is a known problem, but I don't know whether anything will be done to fix it.

Thanks again, I can now watch LoveFilm again so am really pleased :-)

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