Loud Whirring Sound from Back of Tower

  feather39 12:01 16 Feb 2010

I have a Vista OS operated computer and just lately I have begun to hear a loud whirring sound coming from the back of the tower. It only lasts as long as the computer takes to start up and then the tower is its usual quiet self. I think it is coming from one of the fans at the back but when I put my hand against them they are still giving out cold air. Can anyone help with what the problem is and how I can solve it?

  canarieslover 12:39 16 Feb 2010

Have you tried cleaning dust and fluff out of all the fans and that includes cpu fan and graphics card fan where fitted? Disconnect from power and use a soft long hair brush on fans. If you then get a can of compressed air, liated here as Ambersil Air Duster,click here and blow the dirt away. Use air spray as lightly as possible as you can get some condensation from it. Leave for half an hour to ensure that it is perfectly dry and then restart computer.

  feather39 13:04 16 Feb 2010

I am a beginner at computers and am not very confident when taking the back off my computer in case I do something wrong.

BTW I have used a vacuum cleaner through the grills at the back of the computer but this hasn't really done much good.

My brother is my computer expert but I will probably not see him for a few more months. Would it be a problem to leave the cleaning of the fans and the removal of the back until I see him or would leaving it cause damage to my computer?

  canarieslover 13:48 16 Feb 2010

When a computer is booting up is when the power supply is under the most strain so if the fan is making a lot of noise it would suggest that the supply is overheating. I would really get someone to look at it if you don't feel confident yourself. Neglect it too long and you could find that it will fail and possibly take other components with it. Cheaper to get it sorted now.

  feather39 13:59 16 Feb 2010

You suggest that I should get someone to help me but I don't know who and where to go? Do you have any suggestions for me?

  canarieslover 14:16 16 Feb 2010

Do you have a local computer shop, preferably not PC World? Look in the classified ads in your local paper, there's usually someone advertising who repairs computers. Try the local night school for classes on computers, there's bound to be someone there who can help. Obviously if you are miles from anywhere this advice isn't too relevent so try Yellow Pages or search on Google for repairers in your area.

  peter99co 13:30 17 Feb 2010

The back of the computer is not where you go in, it is the side panel/s you should examine. Probably only one or two screws to take out and it should slide off. Do not leave it plugged in of course.

  peter99co 13:37 17 Feb 2010
  Forum Editor 23:49 17 Feb 2010

can be caused by the fan rotor coming into contact with something, but the fact that the noise abates as the machine warms up suggests that the problem may be a faulty fan bearing.

These bearings are designed to run for a very long time before failing, but inevitably some of them fail earlier than others. The problem is, you'll have more than one fan inside the case, and the noise might be from any of them - someone needs to have the case side off in order to locate the source of the noise.

  feather39 10:00 19 Feb 2010

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for all the advice you have given me over the last few days. As the sound had no improved I contacted the company who made my computer and they asked me to make some changes to the CPU temperature fan default but this did no good, so I then took it to a local computer repair shop. They took a look and found that the fan was completely clogged up with dirt and dust and they have given it a thorough clean out. Last night, after reconnecting everything there was still a slight noise, but this morning on starting up the fan was as quiet as a grave. I think my problem has now been solved.


  peter99co 11:17 19 Feb 2010

Good feedback.

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