is a loud fan expected with Windows 10?

  bobby1818 14:16 03 Sep 2018

Hi, I recently bought the ASUS VivoBook S15 S510UQ Laptop which has the following spec:

Intel Core i5-8250U 1.6GHz 8GB DDR4 + 256GB SSD

I've removed all the bloatware and done the best practices listed to reduce the amount of resources Win 10 uses. Once I open 4 tabs on Google Chrome the laptop fan powers up quite loud. I check the task manager and Google Chorme is taking about 40% of the memory. I tried to strip it down and tried Firefox, but still the memory is 40-60%.

My laptop is about 2 weeks old, is this the norm with Windows 10 or is my processor not good enough? I did a lot bit of research was told my processor should be enough for my needs.

I run quite a few apps at once like Skype/slack/spoitfy/notes/chrome. I did these on my last laptop which had a slower processor and everything was fine, although that laptop was Windows 7.

  callmejacklogan 17:40 03 Sep 2018

There's many problems in Windows 10 Pro, I too faced problems like automatically shutting down without any problem, over-heating, an increased fan speed (sometimes). But as soon as I changed the OS to Windows 7 Professional, everything is alright.

  bobby1818 19:45 03 Sep 2018

Thanks for that, can you roll back from Win 10 to 7 without having to pay for Win 7?

  Old Deuteronomy 20:11 03 Sep 2018

Thanks for that, can you roll back from Win 10 to 7 without having to pay for Win 7?

As it was a new laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed, no, you will have to pay for a Windows 7 license and there is no guarantee you will be able to get the necessary drivers to make it work.

  wee eddie 21:55 03 Sep 2018

Is it on your lap or a table top?

  bobby1818 09:22 04 Sep 2018

It's always on a table so the fan has enough room to breath

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