Lotus Organiser 5 and Windows 10 Compatability

  TrishaAnne 10:33 10 Jul 2016

I am not very computer literate! I have and use frequently for address labels Lotus Organiser 5. I would like to install Windows 10 whilst it is free but understand the two are not compatible. How can I do this without losing all my addresses and info.? Perhaps someone out there can help?

  Forum Editor 12:11 10 Jul 2016

There is a free trial version of Lotus Organiser 6.0 available, and I have seen people saying that it runs perfectly in Windows 10 although I have no personal experience of it.

I would think it's worth a try - you have nothing to lose, and if it does run you could import your data. Click here to download the trial version

  TrishaAnne 21:20 10 Jul 2016

Many thanks. Will give it a try.

  sharpamat 07:47 24 Aug 2016

I have Lotus SmartSuite running on my computer using Win 10 a hd all previous versions of windows It is difficult to install I use a manual install using admim

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