Lost Homegroup password on small network

  AGCDay 17:29 12 Jan 2017

All three of the devices on my small network running on Windows 10 tell me there is a homegroup I can join. None of them seems to be the 'home' PC. I can only think I set it up on a previous PC which I no longer have. How can I cancel this phantom homegroup so that I can set up a proper one for my three devices?

  Procrastinus 10:40 13 Jan 2017

Try on all machines: Control Panel > Network and Sharing Centre > HomeGroup > Leave the HomeGroup. Then restart a new HomeGroup.

  AGCDay 10:55 13 Jan 2017

Thanks for your reply, but my problem is that none of them are currently members of the homegroup - all three of them just get an invitation to join the homegroup that has been set up - but I have no idea of the password. As I no longer have the original 'host' of the homegroup, I cannot see how to find that password, but because it is still floating in the system somehow, nor can I set up a new one. (Maybe I have exacerbated the problem because I called my new PC by the same ID as its predecessor)

  Procrastinus 12:38 13 Jan 2017

Try: Control Panel > Network and Sharing Centre > HomeGroup > View or print password.

  Shane_Hood 13:30 13 Jan 2017

My new windows 10 laptop processing is too slow...what should i do Mr. Procrastinus

  lotvic 14:54 13 Jan 2017

Shane_Hood, if you have a problem, start your own thread. Do not hijack someone else's thread.

  AGCDay 16:28 13 Jan 2017

I don't have that option. The only options I have are 'Join now', 'Change Advanced Sharing Options' 'Start the Homegroup Troubleshooter' When I do that I am told it might b a networking problem, but when I then troubleshoot the network it comes up with nothing. I have tried sharing files over the network, but although that works well in some directions, in others I can only see the Default user folders - which are empty.

  Procrastinus 20:38 13 Jan 2017

Sorry - out of ideas. Good luck!

  AGCDay 22:52 13 Jan 2017

Thanks for your attempts, Procrastinus. Could you point me to a link which would give me details of how to set up file sharing of documents via the network. I have been tweaking settings in File Explorer, in Network and Sharing centre... and I may have set up conflicts there. As I said, it seems to work in some directions, but in others I can only access the Default user. Is there a site / document which simply lists how these should be set...? Thanks, anyway.

  Procrastinus 09:56 14 Jan 2017

I can only point you to some sites I found by googling 'How to share files over a windows 10 network' such as: click hereand click here and so on!

  AGCDay 15:35 15 Jan 2017

Thank you, Procrastinus. I will work through thses and hopefully my problem will be solved. Many thanks Alison

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