"Lost" external HDD

  HondaMan 09:49 19 Mar 2010

Like most people, I keep a lot of files on an external HDD. My problem is that Win7Pro 64-bit keeps telling me that the drive needs to be formatted before I can use it and yet on my laptop the drive and contents are clearly visible. I have no idea what is going on; does anyone else?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

  mgmcc 11:58 19 Mar 2010

I've seen it suggested that the problem of external USB drives not being recognised can be due to the USB port being unable to deliver sufficient power.

Does the drive have its own power supply or the option to plug in a second USB cable to provide additional power?

  BurrWalnut 13:45 19 Mar 2010

Firstly, go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Folder Options > View Tab and make sure there is not a tick in ’Hide empty drives in the Computer folder‘ and further down, confirm that there is a tick in ‘Show drive letters’.

Now, right-click Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management, then right-click on the drive that is 'hidden' > Change Drive Letter/Paths... > select a letter from nearer the end of the alphabet > OK and the disk should show in Computer. Try another letter if it stays hidden.

  HondaMan 14:31 19 Mar 2010

The drive is powered from the mains. All of the laptops recognise it and can access it. It's only the main computer running Win7Pro64-bit that has any problems.

  HondaMan 11:24 20 Mar 2010

Tried that. No luck. Thanks

  james105051 14:08 20 Mar 2010

Have you considered attaching the drive to your laptop, copying all files over, then connecting to the desktop and formatting the drive. If all is well recopy from lappy back to USB drive.

  HondaMan 11:41 21 Mar 2010

I have copied the files via another external HDD connected to my lappy so accessing the files themselves is not a problem. I am more concerned with WHAT went wrong and WHY

  HondaMan 10:16 01 Apr 2010

It was in the security setting of the drive. My "lovelly"little niece had been playing!

She now has her own (harmless) user account!

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