Lost emails in outlook express

  akaiken 23:03 17 Oct 2015

Hi, my mother is pretty inept with computers but she has some important documentation on her email.

She tells me that recently she opened an email warning her of "deleting her emails" or something, now when I check it all of her inbox is gone. I upgraded her email software to live mail and imported the account but only new emails are showing up.

I looked in her storage folder and the inbox file is large (in the gb range) so it doesn't make sense to me that when I import the account that there is nothing to show for it. Why would there be data if there were no emails to show for it?

Only her inbox was affected, she still has her other folders still have their existing emails.

Thanks for any insight you might provide.

  lotvic 00:17 18 Oct 2015

Try: View > Current View and make sure "Show all Messages" is ticked (and not just Show Unread / Show New email etc.)

Also worrying that you say Inbox in the gb range, as Outlook Express has a storage limit and it tends to corrupt once you go past that size limit.

Note: the easiest way to archive emails and save them as .eml is in the email client (Outlook Express) highlight them and drag and drop into a folder you've previously created in My Documents. This creates a copy and doesn't affect the email in email client (Outlook Express / Live Mail) These .eml can be opened with a doubleclick individually without the bother of exporting and importing.

  lotvic 00:21 18 Oct 2015

PS. to bulk select, leftclick on a blank part and then hold down Ctrl and press A on the keyboard, that will highlight select all.

  [DELETED] 00:44 18 Oct 2015

lotvic I admire your knowledge as I can't remember Express as its been so long ago. Good on you, nice that some folks have retro knowledge of long past tech and can still pass it on.

  lotvic 01:06 18 Oct 2015

rdave13, LOL, you ribbed me somewhat for hanging on to XP :) I finally got changed to W7 and never did get W8. However I do qualify for free W10 on two pcs (Dells) so maybe I will eventually catch up :p

  [DELETED] 01:32 18 Oct 2015

Ribbing is the name of the game lotvic . Ahem ..so you're on Windows 7 then?

Windows 7... hmm.. believed it to be the best since XP if I remember rightly.

Long time ago I thought it the bees knees. Similar to Express and XP.

At 61 I don't have much time left so I go the whole hog on technology while I can and while my faculties are still intact.

I love computers but hate IT. How's that for an aging enthusiast on the basics of PCs an the running of an OS?

Or breaking the OS at times..

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