Lost disk Space on C:/ Drive

  mcheathen 22:41 24 Feb 2015

I recently installed Windows 7 Premium Home edition and last week I noticed a mismatch with the space taken up on the C:/ drive and with that shown on the 'Local Disk (C:)' icon shown when I click on 'Computer'.

It originally showed 148 GB spare out of a total disk space of 465 GB. When I go into the C:/ and click on 'Select all' from the Edit menu it will read 234 GB when I click on Properties from the File menu.

The amount of free space seems to be getting progressively less - it was 148 GB about a week ago - it is now 134 GB - despite the fact that I have only downloaded a few MBs of graphic files.

Any one any idea of the cause of this and how it can be resolved?

  john bunyan 09:56 25 Feb 2015

Most likely to be "Restore points".

You can set the amount of space devoted to this - mine is set at 5% (16Gig)

If you have CCleaner it is easy to see how many restore points - (tools-system restore. Try deleting the oldest one and see if you get more space). Come back if more details needed.

Another useful tool is Treesize free. You can see where stuff is.


  mcheathen 21:57 25 Feb 2015

@John Bunyan - thanks for the advice. I used CCleaner and found over 20 restore points. After deleting 12 of them I gained over 30 GB of free space. It appears as if every time there is a Windows update or when I install or uninstall a program Windows 7 creats a new restore point.

So in future I will make a point of delete the old ones after a new update or installation.

  robin_x 23:00 25 Feb 2015

You can configure max space for RPs.

click here

Also you may be missing space due to Hidden and System files.

You can view them if you want to check where space might be.

click here

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