Lost Copy/Cut and Paste Function

  cws666 14:56 05 Feb 2012

I have discovered that I have lost my Copy/Cut and Paste function. This is copying/cutting from anywhere (Word, the internet, iTunes or any other text content) to anywhere. I don't know how it hapened but would grateful for some easy to follow instructions on getting it back please? I have Windows 7 and it has always worked up 'til about a week ago. I have restored the PC from an earlier checkpoint without success.

  cws666 14:58 05 Feb 2012

Forgot to tick the reply box . . . . . . doh!

  difarn 17:48 05 Feb 2012

A few things to try - many people are having this problem:-

Go into IE - internet options, advanced options, restor to advanced settings, may help e-mail problems.,

Scan to find problems and repair ... Start button - type in cmd - you will get the black command prompt At the end of the text type in sfc /scannow - press enter (there is a space after the c and /)

If not resolved:-

click start and go to Run and type regedit

Then navigate to the following path - [HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]. Here check for NoViewContextMenu and see that you can see REG_DWORD value. Right click on it choose modify and set the value to 1. If it set to 0 then it is disabled. Restart your system and check it out.

If you have not used this before be very careful as it is a registry edit - at each part you have to click on that section to expand it - for example you click on HKEY....and you will be given a list of options - scroll to Software - click on that and you will be given another list - scroll to Microsoft......and so on.

  cws666 20:50 05 Feb 2012

Hi and thanks for your help. I typed in "SFC / Scannow" but got a message stating I needed to be an "administrator running a console session". (?)

I went into Regedit but Explorer doesn't appear in Policies.

Do you have any other thoughts?

Thanks again.

  difarn 23:11 05 Feb 2012

Try the scannow operation again and when you get the message about administrator running a console session see if you can right-click on that message and if there is an option to "run as administrator".

Try the regedit again - when you get to Policies, right click and you will be presented with a box - click on "new" and you will get another box - right click on D-WORD - you will see the value come up on the right hand side - if it is not on 1 then change it to that

  cws666 19:47 06 Feb 2012

I am unable to right click on the SFC / Scannow error message - but is it's a DOS screen would I be able to?

I edited the REGDWORD value to 1 without success but I did notice a REGQWORD for 64 bit PCs so I added that and set the value to 1 and I now have partial success. Paste is still greyed out but if I am pasting into Word I can open the clipboard and paste from there and that works. (I can't paste from this screen however).

When typing this reply I tried to paste within this screen but no joy. If I cut and try to paste I lose whatever I have cut.

Thanks for your help. It is much appreciated but it would be good to have the full Paste functionality back.

  difarn 21:17 06 Feb 2012

Can I suggest that you have a look at this article about creating an elevated command prompt shortcut and trying option 2 - then trying the scannow exercise.

  difarn 21:35 06 Feb 2012

Another thought can you right click on the cmd icon in the start panel or if you haven't got it there when you type cmd into the search bar and it takes you to the application can you right click on that and do you get the "run as administrator" option?

  difarn 22:11 06 Feb 2012

One more suggestion:-

Tools>options>advanced>security>custom level and under miscellaneous see that "Drag and drop or copy and paste" is checked enable.

  cws666 20:01 07 Feb 2012

I've scanned the PC and no violations were found. (Right clicked on CMD.EXE and ran as administrator.)

Can you tell me where tools>Options> . . . . is found please? I'll then follow your other suggestion.

  difarn 20:52 07 Feb 2012

Sorry - this is in Internet Explorer.

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