Lost color from Win 10 & all apps

  Elliot Epps 02:06 26 Apr 2018

computer fine this morning, logged into windows 10 and now there is no color - the Windows "pane" logo at startup does appear in color but when Windows 10 loads, it's in B&W I have a Radeon RX460 graphics card in a Cyberpower PC with 2 monitors - 1 connected by DVI, the other by HTMI - where did the color go?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:04 26 Apr 2018

Check in device manager to see if any exclamation marks against your graphics drivers.

  Menzie 23:08 26 Apr 2018

Looks like while working you accidentally enabled grayscale mode.

Press CTRL+Windows+C and it should revert back to colour.

  Elliot Epps 18:08 27 Apr 2018

Menzi was right! I must have accidentally enabled grayscale mode with a CTRL+Windows+C Who knew? Thanks so much for the quick (correct) response !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All is right with the world

  rdave13 18:19 27 Apr 2018

Interestingly the key combination no longer works in RDS 5, next autumn update.

  christinebelle 01:51 29 Apr 2018

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