Loss of 'View' facility in Windows Explorer menu bar

  griffon56 13:25 15 Sep 2014

Hi All,

Like most people I expect, I don't keep a close watch on what is happening to the options given in any typical menu bar across the top of a page, so I didn't notice when the choices given above Windows Explorer folders changed and the 'View' option disappeared. This meant that I could no longer arrange the folder items in alphabetical or date order. Instead there is an 'Organize' option which does not do the business.

I have a feeling that I've accidentally called down a style of some sort which does not contain the required options in its menu bar. Anybody any idea how I recall the 'View' option and regain the ability to order the contents of folders? Thank you in anticipation.


  hastelloy 14:59 15 Sep 2014

Maybe you've lost your menu bar?

If so click on Organise,go to Layout and make sure Menu Bar is ticked.

  griffon56 17:05 18 Sep 2014

DOH!! Thank you Marvin42, that was the fault, and all mine of course!

  hastelloy 19:13 18 Sep 2014

You're not the first and won't be the last.

  rdave13 00:38 19 Sep 2014

All to do with guessing that the OS was Win 7. Or either having ESP.

Wish I could do that.

  hastelloy 09:18 19 Sep 2014


Pure guesswork - I wasn't at all sure I was even in the right ball park - hence the question mark.

I don't claim any special powers - just sheer genius!!

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